Bebs Coffee Lab – Islandwide Coldbrew Delivery From $6 – $10; Fudgy Brownies Available

With Singaporeans heading full swing into #workfromhome across the country, it’s only natural that convenience becomes an important factor in getting our daily caffeine fix. And mini businesses are springing up everywhere to deliver.

One such cold brew…brewer that has popped up on social feeds is Bebs Coffee Lab, a self-proclaimed white cold brew specialist that delivers its goods to all locations in Singapore for a fee of $6 – $10.


White cold brews are sold in quantities of 200ml, 500ml, and even 1 litre (for those of you in need of fuel for an all-nighter) from $5 – $19. For the lactose intolerant, you can get your hands on the Extra Care Brew ($22 for 1 litre) which is non dairy based.



New to the Bebs Coffee Lab menu is the SKULL bottle ($33 for three 200ml bottles). Comes in an attractive glass bottle that you can keep after! But if you’re after a simple cuppa for your morning or afternoon dose, then the Minion/ Personal Intake ($5) will suffice.



Taste-wise, I found the coffee a tad acidic for my liking, though it was sufficiently milky. You can also get your hands on some Fudgy Brownies ($20, +$5 for Lotus) for your afternoon tea!

Menu for delivery 


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