Partea 茶派 – Spend $50 Online and Receive a $28 Gift Set (Media)

Order up with Partea’s 茶派 July 2020 promos! Partea is rolling out a couple of discounts for their customers to get their hands on their refreshing fruit and milk teas from their online store, plus a few extra perks.


Feeling thirsty and peckish? Get your fill of Asian cuisine with Partea’s Creamy Butter Chicken Set ($8.90), which comes with a refreshing Mango Tea ($6.20); the combined set is going for $10 this month (UP $15.10).

The Creamy Butter Chicken Set is a pretty substantial meal on its own, which each chicken piece thoroughly coated with creamy butter sauce.


Creamy Butter Chicken Set ($8.90)

Partea’s fruit teas are made fresh daily, so you can enjoy the best of the wide variety of flavours available. And here’s another perk for you – order $50 worth of food and drinks from Partea’s online store, and receive a FREE Gift Set worth $28 which you can collect in-store. With prices starting from below $5, you can definitely get your fill of Partea’s fruit and milk-based teas.


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