Baked Feta Pasta – Trying the Viral TikTok Recipe That Led to Feta Going Out of Stock

Following my experimental stint in the kitchen during quarantine season, I was itching to try more viral recipes. Fortunately, some casual strolling through TikTok brought me a new dish to try: Baked Feta Pasta


Baked feta pasta is actually hardly new; it was first conceived in 2019 by Finnish food blogger by the name of Jenni Häyrinen, whose creation went viral so quickly, it led to a nationwide shortage of the Greek cheese in her home country! 

It’s pretty tasty and easy to make, with ingredients you can easily find in your neighbourhood supermarket. You’ll need: a block of feta, basil, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, and pasta of your choice. (I chose to break out the packet of Pokemon pasta that had been sitting in my cupboard from my 2019 Kyoto trip!) 


Set your pasta to boil first, so it’s ready to add by the time you’re done making your “sauce”. 

Place a block of feta in a baking dish, and surround it with cherry tomatoes. For my single-person portion, I opted to put half a block to avoid it being too rich. I also sliced my tomatoes to make them easier to mix later on (I’m not an expert at home cooking though, so you might want to take my tips with a pinch of salt!). 


Add salt, pepper, and olive oil before popping into your oven. If you don’t have a baking oven, you can use your microwave – set it on high and time for about 3 – 4 minutes to get that melty texture. You’ll soon find a welcoming aroma wafting through your kitchen! 


All that’s left is to add your pasta and basil, and mix everything throughly. The general recommendation is to use a round or shell shaped pasta that catches the melted feta and tomatoes easily, so you get the full flavour. 


I would pick this recipe if I needed something fuss free, yet rich and delicious. It’s also pretty fun to mash up everything! 


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