Zach & Keith’s Hot Box – Hot Sauce and Tea by Try Guys’ Zach and Keith with Limited Edition Pins and Stickers

If you know me personally, you would know that I am a fan of the Try Guys, a four-man American comedy YouTube channel that go way back to 2014. When two of the Guys’ – Zach and Keith – came together with a Hot Box of their branded hot sauces and teas, I knew the foodie in me had to give it a try! 


Zach and Keith’s Hot Box (US $69.69) features F&B brands and products that were personally founded and created by the Guys, namely Keith’s Hot Sauce and Zach’s Zadiko Tea Co. Both of whose creation were documented closely on the Try Guys’ YouTube channel. 


The Hot Box is great for fans who want to try Zach and Keith’s foodie creations. It also comes with a pair of vinyl stickers and pop badges that you can decorate your bags and notebooks with! 


Zach and Keith’s Hot Box (US $69.69)


As an avid tea drinker, I love Zadiko’s flavours. Zach’s Breakfast is a well-balanced brew that gets me going for a busy day of work from home, while Mission Chill is great if you’re looking for some tea to unwind with. The teas are also anti-inflammatory, as part of Zach’s mission to create a tea flavour that helps with his personal medical issues.

The minty aroma of Mission Chill never fails to hit me whenever I open the packet to make a new brew, but it blends pretty well with the chamomile and doesn’t get too overwhelming for me. Zach’s Breakfast, in comparison, is more earthy tasting, with a hint of spice. All in all, a couple of pretty decent brews that are light in taste. 


Zadiko – Zach’s Breakfast & Mission Chill Bundle (US $35; US $20 for one packet)


Keith’s Hot Sauce took me a little by surprise. Having grown up with mostly Asian flavours in my household, the flavours were not what I was expecting.Keith’s Chicken Sauce, which is marketed as a not so hot sauce (to appeal to those with a supposedly lower spice threshold)  still packed a pretty potent punch for me! While Keith’s Burger Sauce is distinctly vinegary. 


Heatonist – Keith’s Hot Sauce Duo (US $24)

The Hot Box is a fun treat if you’re a fan of the Try Guys and want to try the creations they have documented so closely for yourself. Do be prepared to foot some hefty shipping bills if you are ordering from outside the US, though! 




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