[CLOSED] Brotherbird Coffeehouse @ Bali Lane, Bugis – Industrial Minimalist Cafe with Mochi Donuts and Croissants

Update January 2023: Brotherbird Coffeehouse has closed. 

While 2020 saw many longtime favourites succumbing to pandemic-induced stresses, or simply calling it quits at the end of their lease, other places underwent a complete revamp. Stateland Cafe, a 6.5 year old cafe that gained attention for its innovative fusion cafe dishes, has re-emerged in Bali Lane as Brotherbird Coffeehouse


The cafe has completely shed its rustic decor for a decidedly more minimalist vibe, with clear, plastic furniture, stark white walls, and the occasional dark green leafed plant for a splash of colour. 



Brotherbird Cafe now features simple, classic cafe fare like breakfast plates, toasts, and pastas. The Rigatoni Bolognese ($18) is a toothsome dish of al dente rigatoni with bolognese that is comforting and warm. The bacon, pork belly, and minced beef come together nicely with the soffritto, tomato puree, cherry tomatoes, and sour cream, coating each piece of rigatoni. A decent dish overall, though the portions could be more generous for its price. 


Rigatoni Bolognese ($18)

For non-coffee drinkers like myself, the Yuri Matcha ($6) is a well-balanced alternative that has a smooth finish. You can add fresh or soy milk, and even espresso. 


Yuri Matcha ($6)

The popular Mochi Donut with Soft Serve ($15) makes a comeback in Brotherbird Cafe’s menu. The mochi donut’s crisp exterior pairs well with the velvety smooth soft serve, which yields hints of lavender. A really enjoyable dessert that’s perfect for the current heat! 


Mochi Donut with Softserve ($15)


Address: 32 Bali Lane    
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Bugis EW12/ DT14
Opening Hours: 
Thursday to Sunday: 10am – 6pm 
Closed on Monday and Tuesday 
Contact: +65 9296 4997

WebsiteFacebook/ Instagram
Menu: Food and Desserts, Drinks


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