Sticky Lo Mi Fan – Home-Based Traditional Glutinous Rice Made in Tribute to 85-Year Old Grandma’s Recipe

Home-based bakeries are a dime a dozen these days, but what about businesses keeping traditional recipes alive? Sticky Lo Mi Fan draws on time-honoured recipes and family favourites, churning out Singaporean staples that have graced many a mealtime at our homes. 


The inspiration behind Sticky Lo Mi Fan is its founder’s 85-year-old grandmother, who is also the face of the brand. There are two signature dishes available from Sticky Lo Mi Fan’s online menu – nuo mi fan (Chinese glutinous rice) and har cheong kai (prawn paste chicken). 

Nuo Mi Fan may be recognised as one of our favourite breakfast items. Usually paired with steamed chicken, Sticky Lo Mi Fan’s take on this classic features portions fit for 3 to 4 pax, making it ideal for sharing among families. Taste-wise, it’s subtle and savoury, and not overly starchy, complimenting the sweeter notes of the Chinese sausage slices! The Premium Lo Mi Fan with Abalone ($33) adds four to five succulent abalones for extra indulgence. 


Premium Lo Mi Fan with Abalone ($33)

Kick it up a notch with some Homemade Crispy Hae Bee Hiam ($9 for 180g). The spiciness will no doubt set your tastebuds tingling! 


Homemade Crispy Hae Bee Hiam

For a $10 top-up, you can also enjoy a couple of bottles of Gryphon Tea Co Botanically Cold Brewed Sparkling Tea. The fruity flavours of the lychee and passionfruit help to lighten up the richness of the nuo mi fan.  




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