LE ‘TART – Decadent, Artisanal Tarts Delivered to Your Doorstep

There’s afternoon tea, and there’s afternoon tea if you know what I mean. LE ‘TART’s dessert tarts are so artfully crafted they could well be mistaken for edible works of art! 


LE ‘TART is an online confectionary that was founded by Chef John, who cut his teeth in renowned dining establishments such as The Clan, Zafferano Fine Italian Restaurant & Bar, and Four Seasons Hotel and Resort. His journey into the world of tarts started when a custard fruit tart for his mother on Mother’s Day won praise and kickstarted an obsession with tarts of all flavours. 

Perusing LE ‘ TART’s online store, you’ll find three types of handcrafted tarts: Savoury, Magic Tea Room, and Vintage Secret Garden. All of them are created around a particular theme or flavour profile to bring the ultimate tea experience to life in the comfort of your home. Vintage Secret Garden is one of the more popular ranges, combining lush fruits and edible flowers with luxurious ingredients into a visual and taste feast.

The Wooded Valley ($10) is styled as an edible walk through the woods, with a decadently rich French chocolate ganache base that houses dark chocolate mousse and 66% Valrhona chocolate topped with fresh berries. Chocolate lovers will appreciate those sinful, rich notes offset by the tartiness of the berries. 


Wooded Valley ($10)

The Moss Oasis ($16) is a more mellow-tasting tart composed of French pistachio custard filling with a layer of raspberry compote at the bottom. The pink mascarpone cream cheese adds some aesthetics to this unassuming flavour, with fresh raspberries and rose petals scattered around it. If you’re looking for something less sinful, but still a notch above plain ol’ vanilla, this is the flavour to go for. 


Moss Oasis ($16)

Last but not least, the aptly-named Lush Harvest ($13) is filled with luscious berries imported directly from France, from the berries compote to the generous toppings that are pleasing both on the eyes and tastebuds. 


Lush Harvest ($13)

The tarts are so pretty I almost couldn’t bear to eat them. Get them if you’re looking to indulge! 




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