Durian Delivery Singapore – Same-Day Delivery with Shiok Guarantee (Media)

If you have never savoured durians from a box in your home, are you truly a Singaporean? Durian Delivery Singapore offers delicious durians of all types and grades, including Mao Shan Wang Black Gold and Old Tree MSW, with same-day delivery and shiok guarantee! 


The online store has garnered plenty of positive reviews and attention from foodies, including being recognised for Best Durian Delivery by The Smart Local. With a 90 minute delivery guarantee, durian lovers can be assured their cravings will be satiated within a few clicks of a button! 

There’s also a shiok guarantee that entitles customers to a complimentary delivery if the durians delivered are not up to par. 



Mao Shan Wang 800g ($25 per kg)

The Mao Shan Wang 800g ($25 per kg) I ordered was delivered in a snug white box, with all 800g of them emitting a pleasant aroma the moment the plastic seal was broken. Silky smooth with a strong punch of bitterness, these durians are the perfect treat for a lazy weekend! 

I also loved that the seeds are relatively smaller, which means more plump, rich durian flesh to feast on! There will supposedly be more premium durians from Pahang during the upcoming November to January season, so keep a look out. 


Aside from fresh durians, you can also score some frozen Pure MSW Durian Puree ($48 – $136.80), as well as chewy Mochi ($15 – $19). I know who to look for the next time I’m craving some delicious durians! 

From now till 3 November, get $5 off your durian order with no minimum spend by using the code: CHUEPACHUPS5OFF at checkout.

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