Fiie’s Cafe @ Lucky Plaza, Orchard – Nasi Ayam Goreng Seller Known as Mister Grumpy

Legend has it that if you’re good enough at your craft, customers will flock to you regardless of whether said craft is accompanied by stellar or mediocre service or an outright lack of it. 

Fiie’s Cafe, formerly known as As-Shifaa Cafe, has been operating under the radar on the top floor of Lucky Plaza, and recently went viral for its nasi ayam goreng sold by a characteristically grumpy owner. 


Currently in its second generation of ownership, Fiie’s Cafe’s roots can be traced back to Ayer Rajah Camp, where its original owners sold fried chicken wings from a humble stall. Its premises at Lucky Plaza seats about 20 customers, and it’s as cozy as it can get during peak hours. 

Ordering is a brisk and efficient affair. Mister Grumpy Fried Chicken, as the owner has been christened by customers, is as exacting in his order-then-sit arrangement as his food is delicious. Try steering away from his tried-and-tested process, and risk incurring his wrath. That said, the queue moves pretty quickly and you’ll be tucking into your meal in no time. You can even spot him cracking a joke or smile with his regulars. 


Each plate of Nasi Ayam Goreng sets you back about $6, with top-ups of side dishes or combos available from $1 – $3. Choose from Sambal Quail Eggs, Chicken Spare Parts, Boiled Egg, and Begedil for your side dishes. 

While the chicken has been described as succulent and juicy, I did find mine to be on the dry side, and it seems most customers around me during the afternoon I visited shared my sentiment. A bit of a shame considering how flavourful and crisp the skin and batter was. 

That said, the star of the show for me was the rice. SO WONDERFULLY FRAGRANT AND ADDICTIVE. I can safely say I’ve never craved a second serving of rice as much as this. As for the chilli, it’s on the mild and sweet side. 


Nasi Ayam Goreng ($6, +$1 per side, +$3 for combo)

Fiie’s Cafe is the definition of no muss, no fuss. The food is unapologetically simple and enjoyable, if you can get pass the staff’s intimidating and smouldering looks. 

Address:304 Orchard Rd, Lucky Plaza 06-52, Singapore 238863
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Orchard NS22/TE14
Opening Hours: 
Monday to Saturday: 11am – 5pm 
Closed on Sunday
Contact: +65 9383 0329



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