When in Tokyo: STABLER Shimokitazawa Meatsand 2nd @ reload, Shimokitazawa – Epic Meat and Egg Sandos in an American-Style Setting

While ramen and sushi are the first things that come to mind when Japanese food is mentioned, Tokyo is no stranger to hip, new places with all sorts of cool foodie creations to try. 

American work clothing brand, STABLER, marked its foray into F&B with the opening of STABLER  Meatsand. Its second outlet, STABLER Shimokitazawa Meatsand 2nd, is situated in reload, an enclave of hipster cafes and eateries in trendy Shimokitazawa


Fans of American pop culture will feel right at home here, with various paraphernalia scattered around and R&B beats permeating the space. I’ve to applaud the owner’s bravery and trust for displaying their collection so openly and accessibly. 


It’s evident that Toy Story and Star Wars were two influential shows for the owner, judging by the amount of merchandise. Speaking of merchandise, it seems you can also purchase shirts made by THE STABLER in-store. 





The Shimokitazawa Meat Sandwich (¥1,350 for S, ¥1,850 for W) is Stabler’s signature item, available in 150g and 300g portions. The 150g verson seems to be the more popular choice among local customers but, I’d highly recommend going for the 300g one! Especially if you’ve arrived on an empty stomach. 

Biting in, you can taste the robust flavours of the medium rare steak. Texture-wise, I loved how tender the steak was, with just the right amount of chewiness. A side of mashed potatoes and pickles completes the meal. 


Shimokitazawa Meat Sandwich (¥1,350 for S, ¥1,850 for W)

On top of meat sandos, there are also Egg and Vegetable Sandwiches (both ¥900) that also pack some mouthwatering, healthy flavours. The Egg Sand features a special tartar sauce for an added punch. 


Coca-Cola (¥400)

STABLER Shimokitazawa Meatsand 2nd is a great spot to recharge and grab a bite in between thrift shopping. You can also check out the neighbouring bakeries if you’re still peckish after your meal! 


Address:Japan, 〒155-0031 Tokyo, Setagaya City, Kitazawa, 3 Chome−19, 20reload 2-8
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Higashi-Kitazawa/ Ikenoue
Opening Hours: 
11am – 8pm daily

Website/  Instagram
Menu: Sandwiches, Drinks, 2nd Exclusive  


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