When in Tokyo: Mrs Charlotte Food Truck – Lavender-Themed Ice Cream and Drinks, Available Only on Weekends

Modern food trucks are all the rage in Tokyo, with several offering various cuisines from Mexican and Middle Eastern, to even Singaporean. Mrs Charlotte is one such food truck known for its eclectic, pastel-themed desserts. 


Not only is Mrs Charlotte a hit among locals, it’s also fairly elusive, open only on selected weekends for up to five hours. One reviewer reportedly took three attempts before being able to get her hands on the sought-after crepes and ice cream. 

With popup dates and locations published each month on Instagram, Mrs Charlotte is fairly easy to spot. Though, its distinct lavender shade should catch your attention if you are in the area.

Judging by its aesthetics and Victorian-inspired setup, it’s telling which demographic makes up the majority of Mrs Charlotte’s clientele. The food truck was also founded by Izumi Yumeutsutsu, an illustrator who specialises in vintage-style label designs and pattern art.  


Customers can enjoy two things here: ice cream and crepes. There is also a seasonal cherry blossom flavour that is supposedly only available on days when Mrs Charlotte is parked at the Sato Sakura Museum. 

Needless to say, the crepes are not only tasty but also easy on the eyes. The Lavender Milk Ice Cream is one of the more popular flavours on Mrs Charlotte’s menu, although the base flavour is actually milk with lavender colouring. Still, there is a comforting refreshingness to the ice cream, and the milk itself is not excessively rich.

The Chocolate Berry Crepe is equally enjoyable, with portions just nice for small eaters. 


Lavender Milk Ice Cream and Chocolate Berry Crepe (¥660)

With the summer months approaching, a refreshing Lemonade (¥480) is in order. Personally, this was a tad on the sour side. I would have loved to try the other eye-popping concoctions from Mrs Charlotte’s Instagram but, I can appreciate the logistical challenges of selling two to three items from the confines of a food truck! 


Lemonade (¥480)

Mrs Charlotte is worth checking out if you’re in the neighbourhood, and are in the mood for some crepes without the added bustle and jostling with touristy crowds at the likes of Harajuku. Follow them on Instagram for their next location if you’re heading to Tokyo! 


Website/ Instagram


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