Autumn Winter 2013 Collection @ New Look (OMY Blog Club)

Call me crazy, but I’ve never been big on autumn and winter.

It probably has something to do with the (slightly) traumatizing experience of my winter holidays, when I had to trudge through ankle deep snow while freezing in sub zero temperatures. Besides, how many of us actually relish the idea of looking like a penguin who’s trying to impersonate an overstuffed dumpling?

So for the majority of my life, my sunny, tank-top-filled wardrobe and the dark, heavy textiles of the chilly seasons have been pretty much incompatible. That is, until New Look rolled out three new looks (pun unintended!) for its Autumn Winter 2013 Collection. 

1. Autumn Winter Look #1: The Baboushka 


Harking back to the grand, opulent days of olden Russia, the Baboushka Collection aims to replicate its “folkish flair and rustic charm”.


Heavily patterned knits and autumnal colours make up its look, with faux fur coats and statement jewel pieces for a luxurious finish. Some of the prints and patterns take their cue from the elaborate artistry found on the iconic Matryoshka Doll, otherwise known as Russian Nesting Dolls. Who knew that you can pull off that “filthy rich” look without having to pile on your weight’s worth in gold chains? 😀

2. Autumn Winter Look #2: The New Model Army  


As its name suggests, the New Model Army Collection departs from the usual kahki-green-and-Doc-Martens look by bringing on simple pieces with a unique and premium edge.


Accent colours like scarlet and cobalt are aplenty in this collection to inject an otherwise standard look with a burst of colour. Throw in a couple of graphic checks and chunky boots, and you have yourself a look that’s edgy and outstanding in so many ways! 😉

3. Autumn Winter Look #3: The Grunge


A key feature at this year’s Paris Fashion Week, the Grunge Collection pays tribute to the rockin’ anthem of the 90s.


For that cool, carefree confidence, go for essentials like distressed biker jackets, tartan prints and denims. Studs, chains and spikes are a must if you’re going for that “I don’t give a damn” look. And of course, who can forget those graphic print tees that have your favourite band printed on it? 😀


At New Look‘s exclusive preview for the OMY Blog Club, in-house style maestros imparted three style tips for dressing up Autumn Winter style without a sweat, namely: lose the bulk, layer with thin garments, and go for sleeveless garments.

With these words of wisdom in mind, New Look sent us on a hunt around its Suntec City branch in search of our interpretation of a given look. Here’s what my team mates and I came up with for our New Army Look! 😀


To achieve a structured, bold look, we went for a black colour scheme with gold accents. Featuring a Cream Foil Heart Tank Top, Petite Black Leather-look Skater Skirt, and Black Peep Toe High Heels layered with a Gold Arrow Spike Necklace, Gold Spike Bracelet and Khaki Jacket! Perfect for casual Fridays and a night out at the clubs, I would say. 😀



When mixing and matching different pieces, it’s important to pay close attention to the little details. Studs and buckles and gold accessories were our top picks for the military and premium looks respectively. 😉


I’ll admit, the military look isn’t the first thing I usually look for in my outfits, so I was pleasantly surprised at how well they went together! I think I might consider re-vamping my wardrobe after this. 😉

Kudos to my team mates Christina and Wan Sing, who helped put it together. Did I also mention how pampered I felt with them picking out and handing piece after piece of clothing to me? 😛


Us “models” with the winning look third from the left.

Itching to get some new threads? Quote “omy bloggers” at New Look stores and receive a 10% discount on regular-priced items from now till 30 September 2013! 😀 Pop by any of their outlets at 313 Somerset, Citylink, Bugis+, ION Orchard, Tampines 1 and not forgetting, Suntec City! 

Don’t forget to check out the Autumn Winter Collection while you’re at it. 😉 (#NLAW13)


(Images sourced from New Look Autumn Winter 2013 Lookbook)

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