Sophisca @ Changi Airport – Taiwan’s “Condom Chocolate” Shop Now Selling Uniquely Singapore Chocolates (Invite)

You’ve probably heard of (or seen) Sophisca‘s quirky condom shaped chocolates and sponge cakes packaged like sanitary napkins, but did you know that the Taiwan specialty candy shop recently opened another branch in Singapore? This time in the basement of Terminal 3 at Changi Airport.

Sophisca Singapore chocolate

At 250 square feet, this humble space is by no means lacking in Sophisca’s signature goods, as they are lined around its shelves. The circular store space also takes inspiration from Taiwan’s popular tourist destinations – a fitting theme considering it is located right beneath Singapore’s busy airport.

Sophisca Changi Airport

Sophisca Changi Airport

Sophisca Changi Airport

Sophisca Changi Airport

What’s really special about this outlet, though, is the True Words “Singapore Style” range of chocolates that is sold only in Singapore. Looking at the designs, it’s not hard to guess why!

Sophisca Singapore chocolates

At $2.90 per piece, each chocolate is wrapped in a fun, vibrantly coloured wrapper that bears a Singaporean icon or a local phrase, such as Huat ah!Lobang, and Paiseh. Just like the regular True Words chocolates, but with a Singaporean twist!

You can get them by piece or in a box of four – no quirky packages this time.

Sophisca Singapore chocolates

The full range of True Words “Singapore Style”, featuring Sophisca’s adorable sheep icon. Non-Singaporeans, have fun guessing the meaning behind these words!

Sophisca Singapore chocolates

Sophisca Singapore chocolates

If you’re wondering about the flavour – they’re the classic milk chocolate. Nothing too out of the ordinary, although I wonder if they’ll release a Singaporean flavour soon.. durian chocolates, anyone?

Sophisca Changi Airport

Other than the True Words “Singapore Style” chocolates, you can also pick up fun candies for under $5. Choices include the OMG Tricky Sweet, Sophisca lollipop, Handmade Candybag, Mini Candy Jar, Fresh Fruits Gummy, and more!

For the sweet toothed, Sophisca is giving away $10 vouchers for every $60 spent until 30 June 2016. So hurry over! (Thanks for the chocolate stash!)

Address: Changi Airport Terminal 3 B2-42 (next to Starbucks)
Contact: 6543 9113
Opening hours: 11am – 10pm daily

(Hashtag #sophiscasg, #ilovesophisca, #asweetplaceforsweethearts)


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