The Glasshouse @ CHIJMES – Specialty Coffee and Toast Bar in a Glass Container

Visitors to the historic CHIJMES would have noticed a new addition in the vicinity – a compact glass container tucked away from the array of restaurants and bars.

The Glasshouse – not to be confused with the Fish and Co. outlet which closed last year – prides itself on serving specialty coffee and artisanal sourdough toasts. With light spilling in every corner, and the therapeutic aroma of coffee wafting through every now and then as a new cuppa was being brewed, it’s not hard to see why this cafe is on its way to becoming one of the must visit spots in town.


If you’re a regular and on the lookout for variety, good news. The Glasshouse serves beans from different roasters on a rotational basis. For non-coffee drinkers, you can take your pick from a range of teas and chocolate beverages.


Food wise, The Glasshouse keeps it simple – unsurprisingly given the incredibly compact nature of the cafe. Artisanal sourdough toasts are paired with savoury toppings like smoked salmon, avocado, and banana and butter.

The Classic Salmon ($8), which pairs two slices of smoked salmon with herbed cream cheese, zucchini, radish and dill, is a must try. Definitely appreciated how the freshness of the zucchini and radish cut through the saltiness of the smoked salmon.


For the Avocado and Dukkah ($7), the cafe had already run out of dukkah spice by the time I made up my mind about ordering a second slice of toast, so I just rolled with it. I imagine it would have lent the avocado slices a much needed kick! Shall head back to try it again sometime, hopefully in its intended rendition.


With WiFi and powerpoint outlets, it’s not difficult to see why remote workers would take a fancy to The Glasshouse. It’s even shown up more than a couple of times on the Instagram Stories of a friend who works in the area.

Ironically, though, the place filled with so many customers who had to resort to standing around to enjoy their coffee when I visited – so much so that I ended up leaving right after finishing my meal to make way for the newcomers. Hopefully the crowd winds down a little in the coming months and patrons can enjoy a quiet, leisurely afternoon with a book in hand!


Address: CHIJMES 01-K11
Nearest MRT: City Hall
Opening Hours:
7.30am – 5pm (Monday to Friday)
8.30am – 6pm (Saturday and Sunday)



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