BUNDT by The Backyard Bakers @ Havelock II, Chinatown – Unapologetically Badass Takeaway Bakery with a Daily Changing Menu

BUNDT by The Backyard Bakers, or Backyard Bakers as they are affectionally known to regulars, may be one of Singapore’s best kept foodie secrets.

Operating out of a takeaway kiosk at Havelock II near Chinatown, BUNDT is The Backyard Bakers’ sole physical space, following the recent closure of its GRAZE outlet in West Coast. This minimally-decorated joint is so tight (think can’t swing your ponytail; let alone your cat kind of tight), making the quality of the food they churn out on a daily basis, nothing short of a minor miracle.


There’s one catch, though: there’s no fixed menu. But here’s a breakdown of some of The Backyard Bakers’ more popular offerings, plus how you can get your hands on them!

To say that BUNDT is a tightly run ship would be an understatement; the counter becomes a mad house of hungry, eager customers come lunch time. It’s understandable why The Backyard Bakers have implemented stringent procedures for ordering, to make things as smooth and seamless as possible for their small team to deliver their best.

Cash payments are not accepted at BUNDT, but DBS PayNow and PayLah. And for the better for The Backyard Bakers’ operations, considering how cramped and hectic the counter gets during lunch time. Pro tip: pre-order is a must, especially on weekends!

While most get their goods to go, BUNDT does have a couple of high tables and chairs right outside their doorstep. You can also enjoy your order in air conditioned comfort in one of the public dining areas inside Havelock II if you’re not working in the neighbouring buildings.


The Backyard Bakers’ daily menu is no mean feat, either, comprising up to over 15 variations of toasts, quinoa bowls, and the occasional soup or french toast. But let’s talk about their eponymous baked goods first.

The first thing that greets you when you step into BUNDT is the aroma of freshly baked goods ranging from brownies to muffins. Be warned: these bite-sized goods are dangerously addictive; you’ll soon find yourself craving more!



One bite in, and it’s evident that The Backyard Bakers have put a world of love into their baked goods. Every Madeleine, brownie, muffin, and what have you stays delightfully moist, with their individual flavours bursting through, and guaranteed to leave you drooling long after you’ve popped the last bite in your mouth.

Look out for flavours like Sea Salt, Banana Chocolate, and Peanut Butter! Or even Bourbon Black Forest and Guinness if you have a thing for alcohol-infused goodies.

Oh, and they also have something called brookies – think cookies that ooze with melt-in-your-mouth fillings from the middle like peanut butter and sea salt, just like a hefty, freshly baked brownie.



For mains, The Backyard Bakers are most popularly known for their toasts ($8 – $15 approx). My personal favourite is the Mala Smoked Salmon ($11.50 approx); the pungent notes of the mala somehow work with the smoked salmon’s umami flavours to give you a hearty flavour bomb.


Other notable flavours that have made their appearance on BUNDT’s counter include Truffle Egg Mayo and Mushroom.

Every order gives you three slices of toast piled high with delicious smashed avocado and cherry tomatoes, topped with crazy generous amounts of protein, and even an onsen egg. These toasts are so reasonably priced, it’s almost a crime. Especially when most other cafes charge ridiculously more for less.


What The Backyard Bakers may lack in conventional comforts of a fully fledged cafe, they more than make up for with their earnest desire to deliver lip-smacking good food. Behind the counter of unapologetically badass ladies with arms adorned in tattoos is a philosophy of winning customers’ hearts through food. And when they say they #feedyoulikefamily, they mean it.  

How to Order: 

(Update 12 March 2020: Due to overwhelming popularity, The Backyard Bakers have ceased reservations on Instagram, with the exception of minimum order quantity for certain products. Refer to their daily Instagram post for details! Brownies seem to sell out around 1pm, so heading down early may be a good idea.)

Step 1: Check The Backyard Bakers’ Instagram post every evening for a list of available items the next day (following is optional, but highly encouraged!)

Step 2: Drop them a DM on Instagram with your desired order, quantity, and time of collection.

Step 3: Wait for their reply with a “❤️”. This means they have acknowledged and accounted for your order.

Step 4: Head down at your stated time and collect your goodies!

Prices: Fret not, for The Backyard Bakers have posted their full price list on their Instagram highlights, under Price List!

Address: 2 Havelock Road 01-22 
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Chinatown NE4/DT19
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 7.30am – 4.30pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10am – 3pm
Public Holidays: TBC

Website/ Facebook/ Instagram 


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