Fluff Stack @ Suntec City West Wing, City Hall – Soufflé Pancakes Comparable to GRAM; Starts from $8.90

The incredibly jiggly, Boomerang-worthy soufflé pancakes have officially invaded Singapore, and Suntec City is no exception. Joining the bevy of F&B joints in the newly renovated basement of the mall’s west wing is Fluff Stack, a local cafe that is set to rival foreign brands such as GRAM and Riz Labo from Japan.


Occupying a compact, open space a stone’s throw away from 108 Matcha Saro, Fluff Stack stands out from its neighbours with a brightly lit interior dotted with marble patterned countertops and millennial pink and white furniture.

At one month into operations, Fluff Stack continues to churn out consistently amicable service. Wait times for pancakes can take up to 15 minutes, as each pancake has to be made to order to ensure maximum fluffiness. The wait, however, is worth it!

The process for making the pancakes is labour-intensive, yet systematic and almost satisfying to watch, from the ladling of the pancake mix into the griddle, right up the final assembly of toppings.

Flavours range from affordably priced, classic pancakes, to extravagant, indulgent renditions that include fruits and chocolates. Additional toppings of syrup, berries, and even boba are available for top ups ranging from $0.50 to $2.80.

Each pancake is airy and not overly dense, with a subtle eggy flavour that allows the sweet and citrusy notes of its accompanying toppings (depending on what you ordered) to come to the fore.


The Oolong Boba Soufflé Pancakes ($9.80) ride on the ever-prominent boba wave by incorporating elements of this popular drink into the toppings. The gula melaka boba pearls and sweet syrup invokes experiences of slurping up a cup of rich, brown sugar bubble tea without the dreaded jelakness. 


A rich flavour experience awaits with the Hazelnut Chocolate Soufflé Pancakes ($13.80), one of the priciest items on the menu. With rich hazelnut chocolate coating the double stack, the generous sprinkling of feuilletine flakes and raspberry flakes added some crunch and sweetness. Highly recommended for chocolate lovers! The whole raspberries elevate the pancakes further, with their distinct tartness cutting through the richness of the other components.


Fluff Stack is a pretty notable competitor to the likes of its Japanese counterparts, with its affordable pricing and casual setting. Head over if you’re craving a taste of these wobbly pancake stacks that don’t break the bank!

Address: Suntec City B1-K1  
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Promenade CC4/ DT15
Opening Hours:
10am – 10pm daily

Menu: Soufflé Pancakes, Drinks


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