Rib-tastic Christmas Feast Returns to Morganfield’s, Home of Sticky Bones – Available Till 1 Jan 2020; Free Delivery for Orders Above $300 (Media)

Rib-Tastic Christmas returns to Morganfield’s this festive season. Tuck into Yuletide specials straight from the kitchen of the Home of Sticky Bones, from lip-smacking tasty ribs, to perfectly done meats for a hearty spread.


Gracing dinner tables are Morganfields’ signature Christmas ribs, Cranberry Sticky Bones and Hazelnut Sticky Bones ($29.90++ for Half-Slab, $48.90++ for Full-Slab). Served with a side of french fries and coleslaw, these festive fruity ribs are a must-have for Southern food lovers!


Cranberry Baby Back Ribs


Hazelnut Sticky Bones

For Christmas traditionalists, Morganfields is expanding its menu to include festive, meaty favourites for the ultimate centrepiece. Choose from mouthwatering options such as:

  • Orange Marmalade Glazed Whole Gammon Ham ($179.90++) 
  • Roast Chicken ($35.90+) 
  • Barbeque Beef Rib ($89.90++) 
  • Roast Beef Ribeye ($189.90++) 
  • Crackling Pork Roast ($39.90++ for 1kg, $68.90++ for 2kg) 

This year, Morganfield’s has stepped up its game to make its festive offerings better executed and more delectable. My vote goes to the Barbeque Beef Rib, Roast Beef Ribeye, and Crackling Pork Roast! Absolutely delicious and addictive to sink your teeth into ’em meats.


Orange Marmalade Glazed Whole Gammon Ham


Roast Chicken


Barbeque Beef Rib


Roast Beef Ribeye



Crackling Pork Roast

Can’t decide what to have? Have the best of all worlds with Morgan’s Christmas Feast ($149.90++), a delectable plate that feeds up to 3 or 4 pax. Savour not one, but two types of Christmas ribs, plus a sampling of Morganfield’s choice Christmas goodies, including the Crackling Pork Roast and Gammon Ham! Round it up with a selection of plump sausages, cornbread, roasted potatoes, garden salad, roasted cauliflower, and Mexican corn.



Save some room for Black Forest Lava Cake ($16.90++), a festive take on Morganfield’s rich Chocolate Lava Cake.


Ready for a Rib-tastic Christmas? Order up at Morganfield’s restaurants or relish your favourite Yuletide dishes in the comfort of your home. Choices are already available for the taking, with free delivery for orders above $300. Be sure to order your Christmas meats at least 3 days in advance!

When: 11 November 2019 – 1 January 2020
4 hours advanced order required for takeaway for Morgan’s Christmas Feast and appetizers
3 days advanced order required for takeaway for festive meats
Free delivery for orders exceeding $300



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