Mischief @ Esplanade, City Hall – Savour American Street Food at this Waterside Bar (Media)

Like peanut butter and jelly and mac and cheese, Mischief’s pairing of tempting bar bites with gorgeous waterfront views is a winning combination that can’t be beat. Occupying the outer tip of Esplanade Mall, this casual restaurant cum bar offers delectable, communal-style dishes such as loaded fries and alcoholic slushies.


Mischief’s dining space is massive, thanks to its premises spanning two units on Esplanade’s ground level. A table in the alfresco area is highly recommended, where fairy lights and live music pump up Mischief’s charming atmosphere.


As is typical of any bar, alcoholic beverages are aplenty. The Upside Down Soju Slushie ($26++) and Coronarita ($22++), while hardly new, make for refreshing accompaniments in Singapore’s tropical weather. Grab a straw and slurp up this enticing concoction of alcoholic drinks with fruity mixers!


The Mochatini ($22+) appeals to sophisticated tastebuds, with a shot of Bailey’s, Kahlua, and espresso topped with cocoa powder and crunchy cocoa pops in a martini glass. Think your favourite morning breakfast cereal, but made for grown ups.


No tipple is complete without a bar bite or two. Order up with Mischief’s loaded fries, which include flavours like the aptly named Atomic Fries ($14++) andTruffle Fries Maximus ($18++).

The Asian-inspired Atomic Fries are topped with cheese sauce, Sriracha mayo, spring onions, shimichi togarashi spices, and okaka furikake seasoning, which makes for an explosively delicious amalgamation of flavours and textures. Definitely one to order for cheat meals.


The Truffle Fries Maximus is comparatively subtle in flavour in presentation, with its generous shaving of grana padano cheese and white truffle oil emitting a welcoming aroma that screams, “Eat me!”


For those shying away from carbs, seafood and meat-based sides are also available. The Buttered Clams ($18++) serves up 500g of Korean flower clams infused with lightly browned butter, white wine, and okaka furikake seasoning, and garnished with sautéed garlic and chopped parsley.

While the clams are delightfully plump and fresh, we found ourselves drawn to the flavourful broth, which we could not stop lapping up long after the last clam was scooped out from the bowl!


Another hot pick is the Crackling Pork Belly ($12++), with its pairing of roasted pork belly with pickles. Best eaten immediately while it’s piping hot!


Nothing says “TGIF” quite like The Chicken Farm ($48++). Gather your friends and drinking buddies to savour this massive platter of buffalo wings, Singapore-style prawn paste chicken, cheesy popcorn chicken, and grilled nachos with salsa and guacamole. You definitely won’t be drinking on an empty stomach with something this decadent and generous!


Korean flower clams make a return in the Clam and Bacon Linguine ($24++). A well-executed dish with linguine cooked perfectly al dente, though the bacon is few and far between.


Burger lovers can turn to the Stoners ($20++) and Mamacita ($20++). Served with a side of fries and topped with onion rings, both burgers feature a mouthwatering grilled patty. Play it safe (but nevertheless delicious) Stoners’ combination of slow cooked mushrooms with herbs and melted creamy cheese.


Or turn up the heat and bite into Mamacita’s sweat-inducing blend of custom roasted chilli blend, Sriracha mayo, crispy shallots, and spring onions atop pepper jack cheese.


Save some room for dessert, a decadent Vanilla Sundae ($12++) served with Honey nut granola, choco muffin chunks, choc chips, and caramel sauce.



While Mischief’s menu is on the pricey side, its strategic location and chill atmosphere make it a decent spot for afterwork tipples and weekend visits, especially with operating hours going into the wee hours of night. The live performances from Esplanade’s programme is a plus too!

Address: Esplanade 01-10/12
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: City Hall EW13/NS25 / Esplanade CC3
Opening Hours:
Monday: 5pm – 11pm
Tuesday to Thursday: 5pm – 1am
Friday and Saturday: 5pm – 3am
Sunday: 5pm – 12mn
Contact: +65 65320106/ hellomischiefsg@gmail.com

Website/ FacebookInstagram


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