Brown Butter Cafe @ Forum The Shopping Mall – Photogenic Cafe with Avocado-Centric Dishes and Drinks

It’s no secret that I absolutely love anything and everything to do with avocadoes. I love avocado on toast. I love it in a smoothie. And if I could, I would absolutely curl up in an avocado half and sleep in it.

So when Brown Butter, a pastel-themed cafe with avocado and beetroot-centric dishes opened its doors at Forum The Shopping Mall, I knew I had to pay it a visit.


Brown Butter is the latest foodie venture by the team behind Benjamin Browns and Hana Japanese Restaurant, known for their insanely eye-catching creations like the OTT milkshakes and flying noodles. Expectations were definitely high when we visited.


With three sister restaurants situated side by side, it’s possible to order off Benjamin Browns’ menu while enjoying the paste-themed decor of Brown Butter. And who wouldn’t want to, considering this is the most photogenic out of the three, with its inviting floral decorations and quaint furniture?


Try to snag a spot by the flower wall if you can for the ultimate backdrop for your OOTD shots. Otherwise, the sofa by the entrance, complete with coffee table and flowers, does a pretty good job too.


This being an avocado and beetroot-themed cafe, there was no way we were not trying their much talked about Smoothie ($10.90+). 

Available in both flavours, each smoothie is topped with a quirky avocado-shaped dessert containing avocado or beetroot flavoured ice cream, and a chocolate ball cut to resemble an avocado seed.

The Avocado Smoothie is pretty rich and filling, and though a little on the milky side, it’s a yummy drink to slurp up on a hot afternoon. The Beetroot Smoothie is less rich, with an almost grassy aftertaste.


Avo and Beet Smoothie ($10.90+ each)

Another item from Brown Butter’s menu, that has been making its rounds on reviews, is the Cheesecake ($8.90+). Shaped to resemble a literal piece of cheese, the cheesecake is surprisingly light, lacking in the typical denseness you find in most cheesecakes. Get the Lemon Cheesecake for the closest slice of art imitates life!


Lemon Cheesecake ($8.90+)

Aside from photo-worthy drinks and desserts, Brown Butter holds it own with substantial mains and snacks. Look out for typical brunch items like toasts, or more quirky creations that bear testament to Brown Butter’s creative side.

The ❤️ Avocado ($15.90+) is Brown Butter’s take on the classic avocado rose. Made with a ripe New Zealand avocado sliced and assembled expertly to resemble a rose, peppered with black and white sesame seeds, and laid atop a bed of beetroot puree,  this is a simple dish that is pleasing on the eyes and tastebuds.


❤️Avocado ($15+)

For another taste of Brown Butter’s creativity, look no further than the Avo Burger ($21+). With a whole avocado cut to resemble burger buns, juicy meat patty, and nachos with spicy salsa, it doesn’t get better than this!


Avo Burger ($23+)

For avocado lovers, Brown Butter is a gastronomic dream come true. I’ll definitely be back to try their other avo-based creations!

Address: Forum The Shopping Mall 01-18/19 
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Orchard NS22 
Opening Hours: 
10.30am – 8.30pm

Food: Appetisers and Sides, Mains, Toasties, Cheesecakes and OTT Smoothies, Something Sweet and Kid’s Menu
Drinks: Superfood Lattes, Superfood Smoothies


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