SOUDO – Online Bakery Specialising in Healthy Sourdough Buns

You may have heard of sourdough bread, but what about sourdough bunsSOUDO is a newly-minted, online bakery that specialises in healthy and hearty bakes that are easily enjoyed on their own, or paired with other ingredients from around your home.


The Classics Bundle ($11.50)

With three flavours on its menu, SOUDO aims to spread healthy living through its bakes, which use zero preservatives. As such, the sourdough buns are best eaten within three days, though you probably can’t resist their tempting aromas for long anyway.

The Triple Cheese (3 for $12.50) is my personal favourite, and possibly the most rich-tasting of the three. Bite in to some rich, salty goodness.


Triple Cheese (3 for $12.50)

Contrary to its name, the Butter Garlic (3 for $12) is actually pretty subtle in taste. Other than the generous chunks of garlic embedded in its dough, this sourdough bun tasted pretty plain.


Garlic Butter (3 for $12)

The Triple Thyme (3 for $11) is similar in flavour. Best enjoyed freshly toasted for that piping hot goodness!


Triple Thyme (3 for $11)

Can’t get enough of SOUDO’s sourdough buns? SOUDO has also released a new Multi-Grain flavour, plus a loyalty card program that gets you 1 – 2 stamps with every bundle ordered. Head over to their Instagram to find out more.


Menu for Delivery 


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