Tartelett – Simple, Handcrafted Tarts with Homemade Flavours; Giveaway on Instagram (Media)

Looking for some sweet treats this Christmas? Tartelett (pronounced  Tarh-Ti-Let) is one of many Instagram bakers that boasts simple, handcrafted tarts that are baked fresh. 


Having made their rounds around party dessert tables and craft markets a few years ago, Tartelett is back with some pretty, handcrafted mini tarts for your enjoyment. 

Touted as “the perfect gift this season”, the Christmas Gift Box ($28) boasts 9 tarts in 5 mouthwatering flavours: Honey Yuzu, Gula Melaka Salted Caramel, Rainbow Fruit Tart, Strawberry Shortcake, and Chocolate Caramel Hazelnut. There are limited slots for delivery and pickup every Sunday, so keep a look out for them on their Instagram! 


This month, Tartelett will be holding a giveaway on Instagram for sweet-toothed followers who are looking to try their luck. Simply head to my Instagram post for more details! 




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