New Penang Creations and Asian Tapas @ George Town Tze Char and Craft Beer – Pair Robust Bites with Your Favourite Alcohol (Media)

Fancy chilling by the scenic Singapore River with a cold pint in hand and the best dishes Penang has to offer at your table? George Town Tze Char and Craft Beer has added to their menu, a variety of toothsome, Asian-style tapas dishes and well as refreshing craft beers for you to enjoy!  

george town tze char craft beer

Known for their authentic Penang creations and unobstructed view of the iconic Singapore river and the surrounding Central Business District, the chefs at this cozy spot in Boat Quay have been hard at work to come up with food and alcohol pairings for your evening tipples. 

Expect rich, robust flavours in generous punches. The umami bomb that is packed in each bite will pair extremely well with your alcohol of choice. Be spoilt with George Town Tze Char’s extensive selection of wines that hail from the world’s top 5% brands. Or #supportlocal by indulging in locally inspired GINs like Chendol and Rojak ($12++ per glass, $122 – $128++ per bottle). 

Highlights include the Black Pepper Angus Beef ($28++), whose gameness is contrasted with heavy doses of black pepper that fire up your tastebuds. 

george town tze char Black Pepper Angus Beef

Black Pepper Angus Beef ($28++)

The Crispy Chestnut Beancurd ($12++) is my favourite among the new additions to the menu. Bite in and be treated to a piping hot mix of pillowy soft tofu and crunchy chestnut. Compared to the other dishes, this isn’t too strongly flavoured, which is great if you’re ordering this for a simple, alcohol-free meal.  

george town tze char Crispy Chestnut Beancurd

Crispy Chestnut Beancurd ($12++)

Here to enhance your riverside beer sessions are more umami laden dishes. The Salted Pepper Eggplant ($10++) is an appetite-whetting guilty pleasure that will have you reaching for your pint, with its crisp exterior giving way to buttery smooth bites. And the generous layer of fried garlic adds smokiness to this otherwise unassuming vegetable. 

george town tze char Salted Pepper Eggplant

Salted Pepper Eggplant ($10++)

Or bite into some richly flavoured Salted Pepper Pork Rib ($18++). While the exterior of each pork rib cube is a tad on the hard side, the meat itself is surprisingly not too dry! Almost like munching on pork crackling – which is another highly favoured bar snack. 

george town tze char Salted Pepper Ribs

Salted Pepper Pork Rib ($18++)

Penang native and award-winning Executive Chef George Tan’s seafood skills come to the fore with George Town Tze Char’s seafood-based dishes. The Thai Style Soft Shell Crab ($9++) is a crumbly mix that melts on the tastebuds, while the Crispy Butter Prawns ($20++) could be a little less dry. 

george town tze char Thai Style Soft Shell Crab

Thai Style Soft Shell Crab ($9++)

george town tze char prawns

Crispy Butter Prawns ($20++)

I also really love the Live Oyster Crispy Omelette ($15++) which features plump, fresh oysters that are not overly briny. 

georgetown tze char Live Oyster Crispy Omelette

Live Oyster Crispy Omelette ($15++)

For something more substantial, indulge in the new Penang Laksa Steamed Fish Head ($28++) whose red hot spices take no prisoners. However, the spicy blend does not penetrate the actual meat of the fish too much, which will be a relief for those with a lower spice threshold. Imagine how flavourful the fish head would be though!  

george town tze char Penang Laksa Steamed Fish Head

Penang Laksa Steamed Fish Head ($28++)

Top it off with a Salted Egg Yolk Crab ($15 for 500g), valid for dine-in with purchase of alcohol or food. The freshly cooked crustacean boasts plump, tender meat that is well flavoured by the rich salted egg yolk sauce. I also like that the sauce isn’t as cloyingly sweet as other seafood restaurants! 

george town tze char salted egg yolk crab

Salted Egg Yolk Crab ($15++ for 500g)

For its location, George Town Tze Char and Craft Beer’s offerings are reasonably priced and delicious to boot. If you’re looking for some local food to enjoy with a well-deserved drink after work, this is the place to head to! 

Address: 81 Boat Quay 
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Raffles Place EW14/ NS26/ Clarke Quay NE5
Opening Hours: 
12pm – 11pm daily
Contact: + 65 6535 6277/ +65  9682 3826 (WhatsApp)



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