Wa-i Sushi @ The Scarlet Hotel, Ann Siang Hill – Dinner Omakase in an Intimate Setting (Media)

A new omakase restaurant is in town. Wa-I Sushi opened its 14-seater premises at The Scarlet Hotel on 24 December 2020. Helmed by two experiences chefs with extensive experience in Japanese cuisine, Wa-I Sushi boasts authentic dishes made with the finest seasonal ingredients flown in from Tokyo’s Toyosu Fish Market three times a week. 


Wa-I Sushi offers lunch and dinner sittings for its Signature 8-Course Omakase Set ($200++), though there are plans to bring in a Set Lunch option. The interior is characterised by cozy wood fittings and a few sushi-themed posters. 


Our omakase started with a couple of appetisers, each featuring two contrasting flavour profiles. The sharp, almost briny flavours of the Octopus with Seaweed were balanced out by the much more subtle tasting Huai Shan (Chinese Yam) with White Fish. Quite an interesting way to begin our meal. 

wa-i-sushi-omakase-Octopus with Seaweed and Huai Shan (Chinese Yam) with White Fish

Octopus with Seaweed and Huai Shan (Chinese Yam) with White Fish

The Sashimi Platter was certainly a sight to behold. Chef Simon regularly switches out the elements of each sashimi platter, with no two alike. The luxurious appearance of the hotate with ikura and gold flakes called out to me, while the otoro simply melted in my mouth. Taste wise, the shima-aji definitely stood out, with the addition of shaved truffles adding its fatty richness. 


Sashimi – Shima-Aji (Striped Jack), Hotate (Scallops) with Ikura (Salmon Roe) and Gold Flakes, Engawa (Flounder Fin), and Otoro (Fatty Tuna)

Cooked food made its appearance next. The Snow Crab Claw, Radish, Shiitake Mushroom, Carrot, and Radish Soup was a comforting entry on Chef Simon’s omakase menu that evening. The wholesome radish soup and vegetables warmed me from within, and the sweetness of the snow crab claw was the cherry on top that made its succulent flesh that more enjoyable. While the Grilled Unagi, served piping hot, was covered in a thick sauce that had an almost cloying sweetness. 

wa-i-sushi-omakase-Snow Crab Claw, Radish, Shiitake Mushroom, Carrot and Radish Soup

Snow Crab Claw, Radish, Shiitake Mushroom, Carrot, and Radish Soup


Grilled Unagi

Completing the trio of cooked dishes was a brief homage to food from the land, the Flame Torched A5 Wagyu Beef. The beef, which was imported from Kumamoto, boasted an even distribution of meat and fats which melted in my mouth. 

wa-i-sushi-omakase-Flame Torched A5 Wagyu Beef

Flame Torched A5 Wagyu Beef

The eponymous sushi made their appearance in the later half of the meal, which we could watch Chef Simon craft at the counter. While not as unique or mind blowing as others I’ve tried, the sushi here was overall fresh and authentic tasting. There seem to be more visually outstanding or rare seasonal pieces from other seatings, so you may never know what your luck brings! 


Ikura Gunkan Sushi


Chutoro Nigiri


Tai with Wasabi Tobiko


Otoro Nigiri


Grilled Anago with Yuzu Zest Nigiri


Uni Gunkan Sushi


Foie Gras Nigiri

Dessert was a Fresh Honeydew with Strawberries. Quite decent tasting, though I would have preferred if the honeydew was more on the soft side and less crunchy. 

wa-i-sushi-omakase-Fresh Honeydew with Strawberries

Fresh Honeydew with Strawberries

Overall, Wa-I Sushi is a pretty reasonable and affordable place if you’re looking for an entry point into the world of omakaseDishes served are pretty authentic and decent, and cater mostly to the Singaporean palate.  


Address: 33 Erskine Road    
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar EW15
Opening Hours: 
Tuesday to Saturday: 12pm – 2.30pm (lunch), 6pm – 10pm (dinner)
Closed on Sunday and Monday
Contact:+65 9724 0123/ hellowaisushi@gmail.com

Website / Facebook



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