Fat Cow @ Camden Medical, Orchard – Japanese Steakhouse with Legendary Beef Bowls; Omakase Available Tuesday to Sunday

Mention the name Fat Cow to foodies in Singapore, and the first thing that comes to mind is its decadent donburi, topped with the most luxurious ingredients you can list in Japanese cuisine. Situated in an exclusive part of Orchard Road, at the ground level of Camden Medical Center, Fat Cow styles itself as an all-Japanese steakhouse that offers mouthwatering cuts of A4 and A5 wagyu done a variety of ways. 


While prices on Fat Cow’s ala carte and omakase menus can run into totals of three or even four figures, the Entertainer App makes it possible to access their offerings with less of an impact to your wallet. And what better time to take the plunge into this famed establishment than for my birthday lunch? 

Fat Cow’s popularity is evident in how challenging it can be to book an available slot in their lunch and dinner seatings. You may even need to book about two weeks in advance during peak periods! The first sight that greets you as soon as you step in is a fridge well-stocked with all the alluring cuts that Fat Cow has to offer. Hope you brought your appetites! 


Fat Cow’s branding is grounded in the Japanese philosophy of wabi sabi – finding beauty in modest and simple things. This is embodied in the restaurant’s decor, which displays little beyond a corridor of accolades and rooms sectioned off for your privacy. Dining here is a highly intimate ritual that should be enjoyed with your closest circle. Though, if you’re lucky enough, you may be able to score a seat at the bar, where you may watch the chefs do what they do best. 




While there is a variety of Japanese dishes like sushishabu shabu – even sandwiches available, the one thing that is on everyone’s mind when they dine at Fat Cow is the premium donburi. And yes, Entertainer’s 1-for-1 promotion is redeemable for this! 

Topped with uni, caviar, foie grasonsen egg, and truffle oil, Fat Cow’s Premium Donburi ($98++ – $148++) is an ode to gastronomic opulence. Choose from four cuts of wagyu done to your preference  – Australian MB8, Miyazaki A4, Toriyama A4, and 21 Days Dry-Aged Nagasaki A5. 


Premium Donburi Australian Wagyu MB8 ($98++)

My medium rare Australian MB8 melted on my tastebuds like butter on a teppanyaki slate, with each bite releasing its savoury juices and smoky aromas from the sumbiyaki – charcoal grill used to grill the meat. The truffle oil, while certainly distinct, did not overwhelm the other flavours. And the sweetness of the teriyaki foie gras perfectly contrasted with the umami bomb from the caviar. I was also blown away by how flavourful even the rice was!  

The devil’s in the details with this Premium Donburi, and all the elements come together perfectly. With portions so generous it looks like that bed or rice is never ending, it’s money well spent, especially with the Entertainer 1-for-1 promotion! 

For more wallet-friendly options, turn to the Lunch Sets. The Fat-Goa Gura Don ($48++) marries sweet and savoury flavours of the glazed foie gras and wagyu over steamed rice.  


Fat-Goa Gura Don Set Lunch ($48++)

Appetisers for each lunch set include chawanmushi, salad, and miso soup. While nothing out of the ordinary, these appetisers do bolster the amount of food served in the relatively smaller donburi for each set. 


Set Lunch Appetisers

As we were finishing up our main courses, we were tempted with “a final indulgence” in the form of Japanese desserts, and how could we resist. Aside from the refreshingly sweet Artisan Ice Cream ($8++) which is included in the Set Lunch, other tempting creations include cheesecake and fruits done Japanese style. 


Artisan Ice-Cream ($8++)

The Mizu Shingen Mochi ($12++) which we opted for eventually, is visually captivating. Translating to “homemade water raindrop mochi“, which went viral in other parts for its transparent centrepiece, Fat Cow’s rendition contains a single sakura flower. Along with roasted soy bean flour and a syrupy concoction. Personally, I preferred the mochi on its own, as the syrup got a tad cloying. 


Mizu Shingen Mochi ($12++)

You definitely get what you pay for at Fat Cow. Service was top notch during our seating, and the staff were attentive and welcoming.

The only downside is that it appears that Fat Cow schedules their seatings based on an almost clockwork-like pacing of each table. Toward the end of our meal, we were informed we had an extra five minutes before the next group would be seated at our table, resulting in a bit of a rush to finish our dessert. Not the most ideal way to conclude an otherwise idyllic lunchtime complete with Postmodern Jukebox playing in the background. Perhaps the addition of a waiting area, or more generous spacing between seatings could help mitigate such scenarios. Otherwise, I’m pretty curious how Fat Cow fares for their non-beef dishes! 


Address: Camden Medical Centre 01-01/02   
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Orchard NS22
Opening Hours: 
Lunch: 12pm – 3pm daily (last order at 2.30pm)
Dinner: 6pm – 10.30pm daily (last order at 9.45pm)
Contact:+65 6735 0308 / +65 9452 7814/ enquiry@fatcow.com.sg

Website / FacebookInstagram
Menu:  Daily Lunch Set Menu, Ala Carte All-Day Menu, Desserts, Chef’s Table Omakase, Wagyu Omakase


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