Le Matin Patisserie Travel Series – Take Your Tastebuds on a Trip Around the World’s Best Desserts

“Travel the world through your taste buds” may be an oft-repeated cliché in the food scene. But these days, when I find myself yearning for delicacies in overseas locales that remain off-limits in light of continued travel restrictions, bake boxes like Le Matin Patisserie’s Travel Series will have to satiate these cravings in place of the “real deal”. 


Travel Series ($50)

Le Matrin Patisserie is helmed by Noma’s ex-pastry chef, Mohamed Al-Matin, who earned his culinary chops at Le Cordon Bleu Patisserie in Sydney, now-defunct Restaurant Andre in Singapore, and most recently, Noma in Denmark. The online patisserie’s bake boxes are already highly coveted, with its daily limit of 30 boxes being snapped up just as quickly as their delivery slots are added on the website.

The aptly-named Travel Series ($50) brings you on a gastronomic tour of the world’s finest desserts, from Europe to Down Under. Many of these are classics with a few twists of their own. 

Start your journey in Italy, which is represented by the iconic Hazelnut Tiramisu Cannoli. This traditional Sicilian favourite is fried and filled with a delectable tiramisu and hazelnut gianduja filling, topped with roasted piedmontese hazelnuts. A visual treat laced with a rich sweetness, contrasted by the crisp outer layer of fried cannoli


Hazelnut Tiramisu Cannoli, Italy

Travelers to Holland will recognize the Apple Stroopwafel, which is typically softened over a warm drink. Delectable, caramelized coffee brûlée is enveloped by tangy apple toffee and spiced apple compote. The sweet and tart notes come together perfectly with each bite. 


Apple Stroopwafel, Holland

Leave the saccharine realm of Italy and Holland behind, and dive into the markedly tart flavours of Denmark’s Green Gooseberry Danish. Be warned, it is very sour. Crisp croissant pastry is filled with semi-dried gooseberries and embellished with leaves that lend it a distinct, festive appearance. An oil made from blackcurrant wood, coupled with a glaze made with pine and elderflower kombucha, complete one of the prettier sweets in the Travel Series. 


Green Gooseberry Danish, Denmark

The Stonefruit Lamington, a spongy cake from none other than Down Under, Australia, was my unexpected favourite. A shredded coconut covered buttermilk sponge, which reminds me very much of our own ondeh ondeh, sandwiches a mouthwatering lacto fermented plum jam coated in lemon myrthle ganache. I love how the stonefruits add some crunch to this spongey dessert, which yields easily to each bite!  


Stonefruit Lamington, Australia

The travel series ends in Turkey, where a clever twist on a local dessert awaits. A cross between a traditional baklava and a frangipane tart, the Cashew Tartlava is filled with a cashew and saffron frangipane and orange blossom scented mulberries. The crisp fillo pastry and cashew nougatine add some some balance to this rich concoction. 


Cashew Tartlava, Turkey

Le Matin’s Travel Series is an enjoyable romp around the world’s classic desserts, some familiar, others inventive. I highly recommend snagging yourself a box, if you are looking for some new baked treats to try other than the usual macarons and brownies! 


Address: 10 Raeburn Park Block B 01-25 Singapore (088702)
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Nearest MRT: Outram Park EW16/NE3
Opening Hours: 
Wednesday to Sunday: 8am – 5pm 
Closed on Monday and Tuesday 
Contact: +65 8030 7303



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