Le Matin Patisserie Savoury Assemblage – Decadent Savoury Bakes by Norma’s Ex-Pastry Chef

After my first try of Le Matin Patisserie’s Travel Series, I was eager to sample the Singapore-based bakery’s other creations. To my delight, Chef Mohammed Al-Matin, whom the bakery is named after, has come up with another selection of delectable savoury treats! 


Savoury Assemblage ($58)

Dubbed the Savoury Assemblage V1 ($58), the first of Le Matin’s savoury series contains four hand-crafted savoury bakes perfect for breakfast, lunch, or even a spot of afternoon indulgence. As always, look forward to clever takes on classic European staples. 

The Escargot Escargot is Le Matin’s play on the traditional croissant pastry, shaped like a snail and stuffed with juicy escargots from France and a mushroom ricotta custard. This is one for lovers of garlicky foods, as the garlic crumb and garlic butter add some distinctly nutty aromas to each bite. Finished with a swirl of parsley chimichurri, this unassuming pastry is robustly-flavoured, and breaks off with a satisfying crunch on each bite. 


Escargot Escargot

The Beef Tongue and Cheese Croissant Panini may appear the plainest of them all, but don’t be fooled. Hidden between two layers of flaky croissant pastry, is a world of umami elements, including beef tongue, wagyu breasola, pickled rose petals, butternut, horseradish, and 14 different cheeses! Why go for a simple sando when you can have a world of savoury flavours crammed in one bite, amirite? One thing’s for sure: subtlety is not part of the vocabulary to describe this croissant, as the earthy flavours of the cheese and meat hit you at one go. 


Beef Tongue and Cheese Croissant Panini

The Lamb and Red Wine Pie is my favourite out of the lot, with rich flavours blended perfectly together. Cooked over 8 hours, the aromatic braised lamb is tender, and not overly gamey. The exterior pastry is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen, finished with a glaze made from lamb jus, and garnished with fresh thyme, chervil, and rosemary salt for a savoury-meets-sweet finish. 


Lamb and Red Wine Pie

The Wagyu and Bone Marrow Sausage Roll is perfect one of the most decadent creations to come out of Le Matin. Aside from wagyu beef mince rolled up in flaky puff pastry and glazed with black garlic, the bite-sized bone marrow cubes and thyme stem add a touch of luxury to the otherwise humble sausage roll. Best eaten hot! 


Wagyu and Bone Marrow Sausage Roll

Going through the Savoury Assemblage V1 is a journey in itself, just like the Travel Series which take your tastebuds around the world. While it’s certainly priced in the upper range of most bakeries, you will not regret a single penny spent on it! 

Address: 10 Raeburn Park Block B 01-25 Singapore (088702)
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Outram Park EW16/NE3
Opening Hours: 
Wednesday to Sunday: 8am – 5pm 
Closed on Monday and Tuesday 
Contact: +65 8030 7303



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