Whites Bakery – Fat Macarons, Basque Cheesecakes, and Matcha Cookies with Islandwide Delivery

Some things are just better when they’re bigger. Fat macarons, or “fatcarons 뚱카롱” as they’re affectionally known, originated in South Korea where pastry chefs began inserting all sorts of thick, heavy fillings instead of the typically thinner, cream fillings between the macaron shells. Now available in Singapore, thanks to some enterprising home bakers, one can only guess how crazy creative these fat macarons will get!


If you’re looking to get your hands on some fat macarons, Whites Bakery is one such home baker who started churning out these larger-than-life darlings around last year.  

Fronted by a genial pastry graduated who also churns out other goodies like basque cheesecakes and matcha butter cookies, Whites Bakery’s Fat Korean Macarons are sold Boxes of 6 for $30, and you can either pick them up from the North-East area or have them delivered. 

Each fat macaron boasts a generous amount of cream or filling, which is painstakingly hand-filled. It really is a labour of love here. 


Singapore Local Flavours – Milo Stylo, Taro, Teh Tarik

Flavours range from locally-inspired Milo Stylo and Teh Tarik, while festive periods like Christmas and Valentine’s Day see more creative and aesthetically pleasing creations being churned out. Quirkier themes include savoury Ritz Cheese Cracker (which works, by the way) and Green Grape Yogurt. 

My favourites are the Taro, Hojicha Kurogama, and Genmaicha Azuki Red Bean, all of which are Japanese inspired! 


July – Hojicha Kurogoma, Taro, Oroe Cheesecake


Valentine’s Day Special – Raspberry Whites Chocolate, Nutella Res Velvet, 70% Dark Chocolate


October 2021 – Hojicha Kurogoma, Matcha Kitkat, Genmaicha Azuki Red Bean

Aside from fat macarons, customers can also look forward to other mouthwatering bakes, such as Matcha Butter Cookies and Basque Cheesecake. Follow Whites Bakery on Instagram to get first dibs on monthly flavours and weekly drops! 


Matcha Butter Cookies

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