Kin Hoi Thai Food @ Holland Close, Buona Vista – Authentic Thai Cuisine in the Heartlands (Media)

Residents of Holland Close, Buona Vista can now savour the taste of Thailand minutes from their doorstep. Kin Hoi, whose name literally translates to “eat cockles” in Thai, is a stall specializing in Thai shellfish and other authentic dishes from the Land of a Thousand Smiles. 


Helmed by a couple of former media executives who took a brave plunge into the world of F&B, Kin Hoi is also staffed with Thai cooks and servers, so its fare it as close as you can get to the real deal in the heartlands. 

Cockles stole the national spotlight late last year, no thanks to Jamus Lim’s now-famous quote, “the cockles of my heart”. Here at Kin Hoi, diners can choose between Signature Spicy ($19) or Teochew Styled ($19). The Signature Spicy cockles pack quite a punch for your tastebuds, while the Teochew Styled cockles put a local spin on this Thai favourite. Overall, the cockles are pretty fresh and plump. 

Dual Delight Half Shelled Cockles ($19)

Aside from its cockles, Kin Hoi also boasts an extensive menu of authentic Thai dishes. The Fluffy Thai Omelette with Sweet Crab Meat ($16.80) is hearty and comforting, and not overly oily. 


Fluffy Thai Omelette with Sweet Crab Meat ($16.80) – portion for 1 pax for photo purposes

Another highly recommended dish is the House Special Vermicelli Claypot with Crayfish ($18), which serves al dente vermicelli topped with a whole crayfish. Perfect for seafood lovers, though a little on the pricey side considering the location! 


House Special Vermicelli Claypot with Crayfish ($18)

While Kin Hoi’s claim to fame is its fresh seafood, it does prove its chops in the meat department. A crowd favourite is the Melting Beef ($12), which is served medium rare with a dash of Himalayan pink salt. The beef cubes melt perfectly in your mouth, and are oh so tender. A definite must-try, even if you are here for Kin Hoi’s specialty cockles! The Thai Honey Grilled Pork ($12) is equally noteworthy. 


Melting Beef ($12) and Thai Honey Grilled Pork ($12)


Customers looking for some comforting breakfast food can turn to the Thai Duck Noodle Soup ($5) which is available from 8.30am daily. The herbal notes of the broth make it rather easy to slurp up, while the duck meat is tender and flavourful. 


Thai Duck Noodle Soup ($5)



Address: 6 @ Holland Coffeeshop, Holland Close, Block 6, Singapore 271006
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Buona Vista EW21/ Holland Village CC21
Opening Hours: 
8.30am – 9pm 




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