Old Amoy Chendol @ Chinatown Complex Food Centre, Chinatown – Refreshing Chendol Sold by Ex-Model Hawkerpreneur

Nothing beats the heat better than an ice-cold dessert, and in (perpetually) sunny Singapore, the colder and more refreshing, the better. 

As its name suggests, Old Amoy Chendol specializes in the Southeast Asian dessert that is one of many Singaporeans’ go-to local fare whenever they need to escape the heat. Helmed by a model-turned-hawkerpreneur, the stall has since expanded to a few more outposts in Alexandra Village Food Centre, Dunman Food Centre, and Punggol.


Old Amoy Chendol ($2)

The “flagship” stall, if you can call it that, is a humble space that betrays little about its success. Yet, you’ll find a world of dedication and sweetness behind its no-frills shopfront. 

Each bowl of Chendol ($2) is drenched in gula melaka from Sarawak, which apparently boasts a deeper and richer flavour than its Malacca counterpart. The coconut milk is cold-pressed daily, resulting in a higher concentration of cream and flavour in the ice. 

But what truly stands out is the red beans, which are Japanese azuki beans that are cooked daily over a charcoal fire to yield a soft and thick paste whose sweetness compliments the gula melaka perfectly. The chendol itself is also made freshly daily, with the owners stirring it over the heat for no less than 45 minutes before hand-pressing it. 


It’s hard to believe that so much thought, care, and quality ingredients come up to less than $5 a bowl. So next time you’re in Chinatown and craving something to beat the heat, look no further than Old Amoy Chendol! 

Address: Chinatown Complex Food Centre 02-008, Singapore 050335
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Chinatown DT19/ NE4
Opening Hours: 
Monday to Saturday: 10.30am – 8.30pm 
Closed on Sunday
Contact: +65 8748 7590



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