Aniplus Cafe x Genshin Impact @ Esplanade Mall, City Hall – Anime Food Comes to Life at HoYo FEST 2021

What do you get when you combine the world’s hottest, anime-themed online roleplaying game with a pop-up cafe? You get HoYo FEST! miHoYo’s biggest live event is in Singapore, and fans of the hit game Genshin Impact can now get a slice of the rea-life action at none other than Aniplus Cafe in Esplanade Mall


The Genshin Impact themed cafe is the last leg in a trio of pop-up cafes that started running from November 2021. From now till 14 December, you can snack on food and drinks with a Genshin Impact twist, and shop from exclusive merch sold in-store! 

If you were one of the lucky few to snag reservations, here’s what you can expect at HoYo FEST Singapore. 


Aside from life-sized window stickers and standees, you’ll also find various smaller standees placed at your table to accompany you and your fellow “Travellers”. You might even spot the odd diner in cosplay if you’re lucky! We spotted Xiao, Aether, and Klee during our seating. 

While you’re required to select your preferred dishes upon reservation, fret not if you start to feel a bit of “reserver’s remorse”! You’ll get a chance to switch or add dishes that you want to try from Aniplus’ limited-time menu. 


While pricey, HoYo FEST Singapore’s foodie offerings are pretty decent, and on point with the source material. If you want more bang for your buck, go for the Chicken Skewers Ricebowl ($15.90), which boasts tender chicken and succulent mushrooms on skewers atop a sizeable amount of rice and shredded cabbage. While the rice and cabbage are not part of the in-game version per se, it helps to make the dish more well-rounded.


Chicken Skewers Ricebowl ($15.90)

The Emergency Platter ($15.90) makes for an ideal brunch choice, though more ravenous diners might find themselves in need of additional “emergency food” post-meal. The distinct aroma of pepperoni pizza toast, which is meant to resemble Fisherman’s Toast in-game, will set mouths watering. 


Emergency Platter ($15.90)

Tuck into some meaty goodness with the aptly-named Meat Sandwich ($15.90). Modeled after Mora Meat, this unassuming Chinese-style sandwich is packed with spicy minced meat that spills out from between two layers of flatbread emblazoned with the Mora symbol. 


Meat Sandwich ($15.90)

Here to end your meal on a sweet note are some Genshin Impact-inspired desserts. The Everlasting Boulder Parfait ($13.90), inspired by the 6th constellation of the Geo Traveller, is a chocolate-based dessert that is packed with sweet flavours, from the copious amounts of cookie crumbles and custard to the brownie at the bottom meant to represent the dessert’s geo theme. 


Everlasting Boulder Parfait ($13.90)

The Sugar-Frosted Slime ($13.90) had me squealing in delight when it reached our table! As it’s not an actual food recipe in-game, it was interesting to see Aniplus Cafe’s take on it. It’s a perfect replica to the T, complete with sugar frosting and mint leaves. Taste-wise, it has a slightly lemony aftertaste. I would have preferred if it was more on the gelatinous side, though this was a pretty decent take on it! 


Sugar-Frosted Slime ($13.90)

It would be interesting to see real-life takes on other recipes, or if cosplayers actually ordered their respective character’s signature items. Don’t forget to swing by the Aniplus shop, where you can find event-exclusive items on sale. But given how popular Genshin Impact has become, it won’t be surprising to find only a few items hanging on the shelves when it comes to your seating! 


Address: The Esplanade Mall 01-13C, Singapore (039802)
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: City Hall EW13/NS25
Opening Hours: 12pm – 8pm daily
Contact: +65 6815 0011



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