Honeypeach Bakery – Whimsical Customised Cakes for Birthdays and Occasions (Media)

The centerpiece of any celebration – food-wise – is a picture-worthy cake and dessert table. If you’re looking for quality desserts to make your party the talk of the town, Honeypeach Bakery is the place for you. Their gourmet creations are so jaw-droppingly beautiful, it’s almost a crime to eat them! 


Based online, Honeypeach Bakery’s team spent over a year perfecting their recipes before unleashing the delectable results of their labour. Whether you’re looking for a simple, classic cake or a quirky, mahjong-themed cupcakes, you can definitely find something that satisfies your and your guests’ sweet tooth. 


Mermaid Ombré Swirl Cupcakes – Chocolate Banana ($70 for box of 12)

The Mermaid Ombré Swirl Cupcakes ($70 for box of 12) are a sight to behold, and are most suitable for nautical or pastel-themed dessert tables. Each ombré swirl is perfectly formed, and the chocolate banana base is rich and moist. I especially love the white chocolate mermaid tail which is extremely detailed and fun to bite into! 


For cakes, customers can choose from classic flavours such as Sea-Salt Chocolate Salted Caramel, Earl Grey Lavender, and Fresh Strawberry. There are even Asian-centric creations like Premium Matcha and Hojicha White Chocolate. 

For special occasions, you can’t miss out on Honeypeach Bakery’s monthly promotion cakes. From floral to space-themed, these decadent creations are a testament to their craft. 


Galaxy Moon – Double Chocolate Crunch ($105 for Classic 4″)

With touches of blue, gold, and white, the Galaxy Moon ($92, UP $105 for Classic 4″) resembles a beautiful night sky complete with a crescent-and-stars cake topper. The premium fresh cream that encases the layers of double chocolate crunch cake is incredibly soft and buttery. Delivery is free for the monthly promotion cakes, so don’t miss out. 


Desserts are edible works of art, and Honeypeach Bakery certainly nails this with their desserts. This Chinese New Year, you can also shop from their CNY Goodies 2023 menu which includes Fragrant Earl Grey Pineapple Tarts! 

Contact: +65 9088 4932/ info@honeypeachsg.com

Menu: Standard Cakes, Brownies, Corporate Gifts, Cookies, Cupcakes, Macarons, Tarts 


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