Piao Ji Fish Porridge @ Amoy Street Food Centre – Quality Seafood with Robust Broth; Be Prepared to Queue for One Hour

Aside from Han Kee, Piao Ji Fish Porridge is one of Amoy Street Food Centre‘s legendary stalls where the queue is ever flowing. In fact, it’s enjoyed such great popularity that it has another stall just for storing seafood. 


The chilly start to the year got me craving a solid bowl of sliced fish soup, and after two failed attempts on a weekend during its New Year closure, I finally scored a chance to try its famed seafood soup. 

To call Piao Ji a fish porridge stall would be a real generous stretch, as a $0.50 top-up is required for a bowl of rice. I suppose you could mix said extra rice into the bowl and leave it at that. 

The Fish and Prawn Soup ($12 for medium, $15 for large) boasts a mix of tender Batang slices and succulent prawns. The fish slices break apart rather easily, and the fishiness is not too strong. While they’re not as thickly sliced as Han Kee’s, they’re just as tasty, and the portion makes up for it. 


Fish and Prawn Soup ($12 for medium, $15 for large, add $0.50 for rice)

As for the prawns, they are sweet and fresh. There are about three in each medium-sized bowl, which is reasonable for the price you pay. 

Compared to Han Kee’s clear broth, Piao Ji’s is notably more oily, with generous servings of lard and fried onions that make this fish soup a little more indulgent. 


Enhance your seafood with Piao Ji’s house chilli sauce with fermented beans. It’s not too spicy, either. 


At a minimum of $7 a bowl, Piao Ji’s offerings are markedly pricey for a hawker stall. Still, it has become a well-liked alternative for time-pressed office workers with a shorter queue than Han Kee (whose waiting line was known to wrap around the level during pre-Covid times). That said, be prepared to wait for up to an hour even on a weekend, likely due to orders being prepared by a single cook. 


Address: 7 Maxwell Road, Amoy Street Food Centre, 02-100, Singapore 069111
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar EW15/ Telok Ayer DT18  
Opening Hours: 
11am – 3.30pm (closed on Monday and Wednesday)


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