[CLOSED] Seasons Bistro @ TripleOne Somerset (Sugar)

Update June 2020: Seasons Bistro has closed.

To mark the first weekend of the year, we headed to town for brunch and a movie – hey, what better time to check out new places and things than now? 😉

The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies left me with mixed feelings; I grew up on Peter Jackson’s adaptation of the LOTR trilogy and am a huge fan of epic fantasy films, but somehow the final installation didn’t appeal to me and felt overstretched at times. Though as always, the CGI was amazeballs.

That said, it’s time to move on to the main point of today’s post – our yummy brunch at Seasons Bistro which we decided to reward ourselves with after waking up and early for this 2.5 hour movie!

Tucked away in a quieter part of town at TripleOne Somerset, Seasons Bistro boasts generous seating space (possibly for the weekday working crowd) and American inspired cuisine like cajun-styled dishes and Western breakfasts. Being a relatively cool day, we chose the alfresco area where we could enjoy the breeze and do a little people watching. 😉

I’ve been wanting to try Seasons Bistro for its Tantalising Tuna Taco as advertised on Sugar; unfortunately it was unavailable, so the staff swapped it for the Cajun Blackened Fish Taco.

Avocado mayonnaise, pickled onions, cotija cheese cilantro jalapeno watercress salad added some pretty interesting textures to the fish. Love the extra crunch from the crispy taco, and the subtle heat in the dish.

Good news for all you breakfast lovers who also like to sleep in on weekends; Seasons Bistro also has All Day Brunch from 10am – 4pm. As we were already sharing the Fish Taco, I didn’t want an overly heavy brunch and so settled for the Montreal & Lox.

For the price, Seasons Bistro was pretty generous with the smoked salmon (sinful sinful!), bagel was well toasted and not overly hard and plenty of fresh greens and tomatoes to go around. The only thing missing was the cream cheese but I was too busy enjoying the salmon and totally forgot about it.

Brunch was a casual affair and we had a great time tucking in as the area got progressively warmer and more diners started streaming in.

Though there were minor misses with the service i.e. missing cream cheese for my main, and sugar for my friend’s tea, Seasons Bistro definitely delivers with their food.

I recommend stopping by if you’re looking to catch a cuppa and a breather in between shopping stints along the Orchard Road belt, seeing how it’s relatively quiet on a weekend but still within easy access. 😉

Address: 111 Somerset Road 01-11/12
Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday: 11am – 12mn
Friday: 11am – 2am
Saturday: 10am – 2am
Sunday: 10am – 12mn
Contact: 6836 5841

Website/Facebook: http://www.seasonsbistro.com.sghttps://www.facebook.com/seasonsbistrosg

Menu: Food / Drinks 

WiFi: Yes (ask the staff for the password) 
Additional charges: GST and service charge


To get to TripleOne Somerset, you can either cross the road from 313 Somerset or exit Somerset MRT Station from Exit A and turn left:

Seasons Seasons

Walk straight toward the red building. Seasons Bistro is located just before Cold Storage.


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