5 Things You Can Do With Sugar – The City Guide with Benefits

If you guys have noticed me tagging #wewantsugar on many of my cafe hopping posts on Instagram, it’s because I’m hooked on this new discovery app called SUGAR. Well, I’m a firm believer that good things must be shared, so here goes – 5 things you can (and absolutely must) do with the city guide with benefits! 🙂

1. You Can Discover New Things with Sugar 

Remember when we used to complain that there’s little to nothing to do in *boring* Singapore? Even with new cafes, hangout spots and activities popping up all over of late, many of these hidden gems remain elusive to most of us. With Sugar, all you have to do is launch the app, tag a location and it will show you new cafes, watering holes and even entertainment and shopping options wherever you are. Like Aladdin showing Princess Jasmine a whole new world, minus magic carpet rides and sing-alongs. 😛

You can even tell Sugar that you’re hungry, peckish, thirsty, bored or even sober and let it sift through dozens of Sugar makers (that’s Sugar merchants to you) to make your search easier. Bye bye aimless wandering and ending up at McDonald’s with a regular Coke. 😉

2. You Can Get Great Things at Lower Prices 

As an added incentive for checking these places out, Sugar will let you have certain signature items at a lowered price. Even better, you can skim the price to bring it down by 20 cents before purchasing it with in-store credits. IT’S THAT EASY.

And to assure you that Sugar isn’t just giving you knockoffs for venturing to new places, here’re some of the typical things I enjoyed without burning my wallet: crisp fries, coffee and flower pot cakes from some of Singapore’s more underrated cafes. 😉


There’s just one catch, though: you can only skim each item once. But that’s easily solved with the next thing on this list:

3. You Can Get Your Friends on Board with Sugar

If you’re still not satisfied with the price you got, you can always get your friends/ colleagues/ random friend on Whatsapp you’ve never spoken with for ages to help out by spreading it. Just hit the “skim” button on the top right of the page, or the blue coloured icon next to said item and select sharing via Facebook, Whatsapp or WeChat.

4. You Can Get Stuff for Free with Sugar 

For now, every sign-up with Sugar grants you $10 worth of credits. Just enter your mobile number and it’s yours!

5. You Can Get Stuff for Free with Sugar

… Just in case you didn’t hear me the first time round. 😛 But if even $10 isn’t enough to go around for your endless cafe hopping and weekend adventures, Sugar is having a weekly lucky draw from now till 8 Feb. Simply purchase 10 items or more a week on Sugar and stand a chance to win up to $100 worth of cash to splurge! Don’t say bojio.

Download Sugar on iOS or Android.

Website/Facebook: http://www.wewantsugar.comhttps://www.facebook.com/wewantsugar


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