[CLOSED] 2 Loaves @ Tanglin Halt (Sugar)

Update June 2020: 2 Loaves has closed.

Was it two loaves and five fishes? Or five loaves and two fishes? Either way, one thing’s for certain: 2 Loaves is whipping a mean bake this side of Singapore.

Like the neighbourhood it is located in, 2 Loaves is a laid back, unpretentious bakery, reminiscent of the days when we would rush to the likes of Bengawan Solo for an after school snack. Its brother and sister team are a friendly, cheerful bunch who welcome you genially no matter the time of the day, a definite plus in today’s age of impersonal and sometimes sullen servers. 🙂

As their famous loaf cakes were sold out the first time I visited, I ended up swinging by their cozy little space twice in as many weeks. So here’s this eastie’s verdict of whether 2 Loaves’ creations are worth the trip for!

The Madeleines which I snagged off the counter (so as not to make my trip a wasted one) yielded a light, fluffy texture. A tad dry, but that could be counterbalanced with some tea. 😉  Alternatively, if you’re rushing to work or school in the morning, these darlings are great to have on the go!

Like the loaf cakes, these are made in limited quantity daily. So if you’re in the area, don’t loaf around and pick up a packet (pun intended).

Diet conscious readers, you’ll be glad to hear about the reduced sugar and al-natural ingredients that go into these loaf cakes. Zero additives and all that unhealthy stuff;  just robust flavour and moistness in every bite!

According to their online menu, 2 Loaves offers four base flavours with many variations. My recommendation is the Banana Walnut flavour; there’s no way you can go wrong with it. Chock full of bananas for that unbeatable moistness, and nuts for added crunch and texture make for a winning combination. If you grew up on Bengawan Solo’s banana cakes, you’ll love this loaf for sure.

For something more rich and dense in flavour, go for the Chocolate Pecan. Personally, I found the chocolate thick to the point of being just a tad cloying. Crunchy pecans were what held this slightly sticky loaf together.

If you live in the Commonwealth area, lucky you! I would have 2 Loaves’ loaf cakes all day err day if I could, if the east-west pilgrimage wasn’t so tedious (first world problems). Kudos to Sugar for the recommendation, or I would not have discovered this little gem tucked away in Tanglin Halt. 😉

Address: Commonwealth Drive Block 46-3 01-388 (Tanglin Halt)
Opening hours:
Tuesday to Saturday: 11am – 8pm (last order 5pm)
Sunday: 1pm – 8pm (last order 5pm)
Contact: 9231 1400

Website / Facebook
Menu: http://2loaves.oddle.me/ 


Alight at Commonwealth MRT and go to Exit A. Walk past Faith Methodist Church to the end of Commonwealth Avenue and turn left. Stay on the same side of the road all the way.


Walk along Commonwealth Drive and turn left again.



It’s the home run from this point onward. Walk all the way till you’re at Tanglin Halt. 2 Loaves is located along the stretch of shops after the ATM. 😉





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