The Coastal Settlement Changi @ Netheravon Road – You Can Catch and Battle Pokemon Here, Too

I’ve been disappearing to the far east side of Singapore on weekends – Changi, that is. All right, all right, I admit – I’m really chasing rare Pokemon ever since the game was released in Singapore, and some of them happen to congregate in Changi, okay?

Anyhow, whether you’re chasing after that Dragonite that just spawned on the other end of wherever you are, walking kilometre after kilometre to hatch your eggs, or just standing around for hours on end in a lured Pokestop *ahem Changi Civil Service Club*, Changi Village has no shortage of good grub to to fuel up on. And one of them is The Coastal Settlement on Netheravon Road. 


I’ve always passed by this relatively hidden spot on the way to Chock Full of Beans, but didn’t really bother checking it out until CFBO became perpetually crowded with other Pokemon hunters in search of brunch. Turns out The Coastal Settlement is one massive block hidden behind all that shrubbery! You can choose between a table indoors, a place at the bar, or in the alfresco area. Just mind the mosquitoes.


To my (very pleasant) surprise, The Coastal Settlement is also home to two Pokestops and a gym! My alfresco table also happened to be smack in the middle of one of them – at least, according to my phone’s GPS. Time to start swiping.


Right after this photo was taken, Arcanine spawned and ran away. Sad.

The Coastal Settlement’s menu is as large as its dining space – there are even local dishes available! I had the Half and Half Pizza ($25++) which lets you have two flavours on one crust.


I decided to get my money’s worth and go for the protein-based flavours. The Wagyu Beef & Mushroom ($23++ ala carte) is a must try for meat lovers. Thick, well-marinated slices of wagyu beef and chunks of sautéed  mushrooms embedded in mozzarella, cheddar and caramelized onions, paired with white wine reduction cream sauce – heavenly! I liked the slightly sweet aftertaste of the beef, although it was a tad dry and missing that melt-in-your-mouth texture.


The Garlic Prawns ($22++ ala carte) were equally good; juicy and succulent, with that spicy kick from the fresh chilli.


The waiter recommended the Salted Caramel Milkshake ($8++) and boy. Was. It. Rich. Salted caramel fans would appreciate the strong flavour; I’m still washing it down with water while writing this.


The Coastal Settlement is an ideal place to escape to for weekend brunch. With GST and service charge, it’s one of the pricier places around, though. But think of all the Pokemon you can catch while eating!


Address: 200 Netheravon Road
Contact: 6475 0200
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 10.30am – 12mn (lunch, high tea and dinner)
Saturday and Eve of Public Holidays: 9.30am – 1am (breakfast, brunch, high tea and dinner)
Sunday and Public Holidays: 9.30am – 10.30pm (breakfast, brunch, high tea and dinner)

Website/ Facebook

Extra charges: GST and Service Charge


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