[Closed] 1460 Tteokbokki @ Cineleisure – Grab Your Korean Street Snacks and Rainbow Bingsu Here (Invite)

Update June 2020: 1460 Tteokbokki has closed.

If there’s one thing I miss the most about my summer stint in Korea as a student, it’s got to be walking along the busy, neon lit streets with a piping hot snack in hand – ok, let’s be real here, I always miss the food most in every country I visit.

ANYWAY. I was psyched to hear that a Korean street snack shop had opened in the heart of Orchard Road, at Cineleisure. Helmed by the same team behind Joo Bar, E!ght Korean BBQ and Sticky, 1460 Tteokbooki is a casual takeaway snack shop that specialises in various renditions of tteokbokki, as its name suggests!


For the uninitiated, tteokbokki 떡볶이 is a soft rice cake, usually slathered in generous amounts of sweet red chilli sauce, gochujang 고추장 for that extra oomph. This popular street snack can also be found in various main dishes as well, and is known for its gooey, chewy texture.

There are three styles available: Original Spicy, Oden, and Rosé ($5). 

For $1 each, you can add Cheese or Luncheon Meat Cubes to your tteokbokki. A tad pricey for a handful of spam cubes and a couple of layers of cheese, but still pretty reasonable if you share it with someone and get a few extra morsels.


The Oden is a great choice on a cold rainy day – just imagine tucking into that piping hot goodness while warming your hands on that red paper cup or sipping on that broth!

The Rosé, on the other hand, came up short. The creamy tomato sauce was a tad too much, and turned dry fast – clumpy, even. The deep frying also made the tteokbokki turn hard and difficult to chew.


While named after the spicy rice cake, 1460 also dishes up other Korean favourites. The Potato Tornado ($3) was a crowd pleaser, with its crispy, yet peel-able spiral-cut potato that made it fun to tear with our hands.


Tteokbokki makes another appearance in 1460’s Chicken Skewers ($4). Loved the chunky, well marinated chicken.. more value for money than a bowl of tteokbokki alone?



As for the Korean Fried Squid ($7)… well.. it tasted strikingly similar to the Shilin fried chicken that we’re so familiar with. The taste of salt and seasoning was so overpowering that I almost couldn’t taste the squid.


Last but not least, the Rainbow Bingsu ($6) which has been making its rounds on Instagram. Someone commented that it should be re-named the Tumble bingsu for its galaxy-esque colours.

I’m not an expert on bingsu, but it tasted like Paddlepop flavoured shaved ice, with a crunchy surprise of fruit pebble cereal at the bottom. Better get your cameras and spoons ready before it melts into a rainbow coloured puddle of mush!


If you’re thirsty, you can grab a Rice Slushie ($3). Some of my companions found it too sweet for their liking; it was just right for me.



1460 Tteokbokki may have some hits and misses taste wise, but it’s still pretty popular with the young crowd. I wouldn’t mind getting some of their snacks to go! Thanks for the invite, 1460!

Address: Orchard Cineleisure 01-02
Opening hours: 12pm – 10pm daily

Website / Facebook

Extra charges: No


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