Brotzeit’s 2018 Menu – 24 New Dishes From Classic German Platters to FIT Salads (Invite)

When you think of German food, hearty platters, braised meats, and tangy sauerkraut come to mind. This year, Brotzeit puts a healthy spin on their menu, with 24 new dishes, including the all-new Brotzeit FIT which features 7 salad recipes (5 of them new).


Made with fresh produce no older than three days, Brotzeit’s salads include the Purple Cauliflower Salad ($19). This colourful combination yielded strong flavours from its unique addition of purple cauliflower, which was nicely balanced by a mix of cherry tomatoes, capers, marinated olives, fresh basil, and parsley. A drizzle of special home-made balsamic dressing provided an additional amount of zest.


My favourite out of the two salads we tried, was the Grilled Goat Cheese Salad with Berries ($21). The creamy rich goat cheese was perfectly contrasted by a refreshing mix of pomegranates, cranberries, and strawberries, while the pecan nuts added some much needed crunch.


Those who like to have it their way, can let their creativity flow with a DIY option.


Diners can also quench their thirst with Brotzeit’s new range of Healthy Juices ($8): (from left to right: Beet Cool, Liquid Digestives, Belly Settler, and Lemongrass Refresher.


I personally enjoyed the Liquid Digestives the most, with the smoothness from the blended kale and the its milky aftertaste! I really hope Brotzeit rolls out a tasting paddle soon. If you decide to go for all four, start with the Lemongrass Refresher, and end with the Beet Cool.


Heartier – or should I say – meatier additions to Brotzeit’s menu include the Bavarian Duo ($38). Tender, fried chicken on a bed of potato salad on one end, juicy weiβwurst sausage  served alongside a freshly made pretzel and mustard on the other – now that’s what I call having the best of both worlds! Try and see if you can de-skin the sausage in other a minute.


With at least five different cuts of meat amounting to at least 1kg, the Pfandl ($39) is great for sharing among equally ravenous friends. Nürnberger sausages, pan-seared beef, pork patties, smoked kassler, roasted pork collar and meat loaf, served atop a creamy rich bed of mashed potatoes and fresh sauerkraut and drizzled with mushroom sauce – what more can the ultimate meat lover ask for?


For a little more personal but nevertheless filling main, the Classic Boiled Beef ($29) spells comfort in a bowl, with a trio of tender Australian grass-fed beef ribs cooked to perfection with oyster blade. The piping hot broth with seasonal vegetables sealed the deal for me.


Other old favourites on Brotzeit’s revamped menu include the Brotzeit Cold Cut Platter with Gluten-Free Bread Basket ($36), a spread of cold cuts, cheeses, and fruit, as well as the piping hot Potato Sauerkraut Crockets ($6), best enjoyed piping hot as soon as a basketful makes its way to your table.



And of course, there’s always room for dessert! The tartness of the Lemon Crème ($8) made for the perfect finish to our hearty feast at Brotzeit.


Brotzeit’s new menu has been rolled out to all five outlets across Singapore. Thanks for hosing us, PRecious Communications!

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