Big Fish Small Fish @ Tampines Mall, Tampines Central – Singapore’s 1st Fish & Crisps Cafe

Those who have ventured to Punggol’s “cargo container” dining enclave, might be familiar with Big Fish Small Fish, a homegrown fast food brand that prides itself on being Singapore’s first fish and crisps shop. Well, after setting up shop at Yishun and Bugis, they’ve finally made their way to Tampines Mall!


Like the first Punggol branch, Big Fish Small Fish’s premises in the basement of Tampines Mall are rather small, but you can order your meal to go in well packed containers, or simply have it delivered via Foodpanda, honestbee, or WhatsHalal.

If you haven’t already noticed, Big Fish Small Fish serves Fish and Crisps ($7.90 – $12.90), made with USA potatoes that are sliced and cooked upon order to guarantee the freshest crunch for your meal. Unlike fries (or chips, as the British call it) that can get quite jelat over time, especially when they’re not crisp enough, these crisps were pretty palatable, and doled out in generous servings. And of course, you can have them with your choice of fish – take your pick from Dory, Tilapia, Seabass, and Salmon! 

I did find them really oily, though – almost excessively oily – and after a cone full of them along with my fish, I was really craving a drink to wash off the oiliness from my tastebuds.


Why have one type of dip when you can have many? Big Fish Small Fish serves five types – Chili Sauce, Cheese, Salted Egg, Curry Mayo, and Tartar to please local palates.


Exclusive to their Yishun, Bugis, and Tampines outlets is Fish & Rice ($11.90 – $12.90), served with sautéed vegetables to make the health conscious feel less guilty about their fried food indulgence. Personally, I would have preferred the rice to be less gritty, although it did make a nice chance from the oil laden crisps. The batter though, was oh so decadent.

If you can stomach more food after that amount of oil, Big Fish Small Fish also whips up a decent amount of starters and sides, ranging from salads and soups, to seafood based starters like Salted Egg Calamari with Bonito Flakes ($8.90). 


While Big Fish Small Fish is a welcome addition to the ever growing selection of F&B outlets in Tampines, a lot less oil would be more than welcome in their menu. Still, $7.90 for a basic dish of fish and crisps is still pretty reasonable for an eatery in a shopping mall, and I hope they add more fish choices in the future!

Address: Tampines Mall B1-K3
Nearest MRT: Tampines
Opening hours: 11am – 10pm daily
Contact: 6260 0215

Website/ Facebook/ Instagram

Extra charges: No


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