PastaMania Chef Creations 2018 – Ready Your Tastebuds for a Mouthful of Seafood and Spice (Invite)

PastaMania sure has stepped up its game recently, with the inclusion of several premium items along with their regular menu. The latest to grace dining tables at PastaMania stores islandwide, is their annual Chef Creations, where 24 PastaMania chefs battle it out to create their very own pasta dish.

This year’s theme was Seafood Fusion, but it could very well be re-named to Spicy Seafood, seeing how the winning Chef’s Creations pack a hell lotta heat!

Chef Luth’s (of PastaMania FairPrice Hub) Spicy Creamy Otak-Otak was a delightful amalgamation of heat and cream.


The otak chunks were reminiscent of my favourite addition to my nasi lemak meals from my childhood, and the hae bee hiam added much needed crunch against the heaviness of the cream. While we were warned that Chef Luth’s creation was on the spicy side, we found it pretty tolerable, and polished off our plates in no time.


If you’re an ardent fan of Thai flavours, Chef Mu Yang’s (from PastaMania Causeway Point) Thai Style Seafood Aglio is the one for you. While Chef Mu Yang’s modern take on pad thai boasted a generous serving of mussels, prawns, and squid rings, the pasta packed a really strong punch – too strong, methinks. I could see this dish winning me over if the spice were toned down a little and the sour notes allowed to take center stage though.



Both Chef Creations now available at PastaMania, and priced at $13.90 ala carte ($12 if you order through the COMMONS Sg app using the promo code “CC1OFF”. Can’t wait to see what other dishes PastMania’s chefs whip up for next year’s Chef Creations! Thanks for having us.



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