The Boiler @ Esplanade – Southern Seafood in a Bag; Leave Your Table Manners at the Door (Invite)

When it comes to seafood, especially shellfish, the messier the better. Well good news for proponents of messy eating – multi award winning The Boiler now has a second foothold at The Esplanade! 


Opened in 2014 in Tai Seng by ex banker turned restauranteur Malcom Hong, The Boiler’s new downtown premises features both indoor and alfresco dining areas that can accommodate a combined 120 diners. The interior is minimally decorated, giving it a sleek and somewhat industrial appearance as The Boiler turns the spotlight on the food.


Southern style is the name of the game at The Boiler, and while grilled meats, salads, and fried meats can be found on the menu, the real star is seafood in a bag, served with one of four sauces of your choice (three regular, one seasonal):

  • Garlic Butter, a mild but flavourful combination of garlic cream, chicken broth, and butter
  • Peppa’ Butter, which is essentially Garlic Butter combined with white and black pepper for that peppery kick
  • The Works, The Boiler’s signature sauce which comprises tumeric, blue ginger, chilli padi, paprika, cajun, lemon juice, chicken broth, and butter
  • Tamarind, an Asian inspired seasonal sauce made from tamarind, Thai basil, chilli padi, fried shallot, chicken broth, and butter


Tables are lined with waxed paper for minimal clean up, and The Boiler also provides plastic bibs, gloves, antibacterial wipes, and even a clear slip for your phone to prevent potential messes from making their way to your belongings and your clothes! A friend even joked they are one hair tie away from reaching Hai Di Lao’s standards.


Diners can satisfy crustacean cravings with six types of shellfish. The Boston Lobster ($75; $4 with purchase of a Bombdiggity Bag), boasts succulent, buttery flesh that goes best with Garlic Butter sauce.

The meat is also incredibly sweet and fresh, falling off the shell with no trouble! I was lucky enough to grab a half tail that was filled with the creamiest roe and it was H-E-A-V-E-N. Each lobster weighs between 600 to 650g, making it ideal for two (or one very ravenous diner, we’re not judging).




Prawns, mussels, and clams are sold in multiples of 250 per bag for $4.00 – $6.80, but you can also bag them all in a Boiler’s Duo Bag ($52) or Boiler’s Duo Plus ($89) which includes a Sri Lankan Mud Crab. This simple, yet delicious combination, pairs best with the seasonal Tamarind Sauce, with the rich crustaceans balanced out by the tangy notes of the sauce.



The Sri Lankan Crab ($45) with its earthy flavours, bring to mind hearty family dinners at family run seafood restaurants along East Coast Road. It’s no surprise that the Peppa’ Butter Sauce works best in replicating our favourite black pepper crab dish! And yes, fried mantou is also available at The Boiler ($1.50 for two pieces) for a full trip down memory lane.



And now, the moment everyone’s been waiting for – The Boiler’s ultimate seafood feast in a bag – Boiler’s Bombdiggity Bag ($149). Weighing a whopping 2kg, this feast for four boasts a legendary 900 -950g Dungeness Crab (seasonal pricing for ala cartealong with prawns, mussels, clams, corn, sausages, and fried mantou.

While I found The Works a tag strong for my liking, you can choose from three levels of heat: Mild, Medium, and Raging Hot. Overall, the bright, orangey tones of The Works gave our Bombdiggity feast a vibrant tinge, and The Boiler certainly saved the best for last. Gimme more of that Dungeness Crab!



If you’re on the hunt for fresh seafood in a casual and comfortable setting, look no further – The Boiler ticks all the boxes on the list for a perfect seafood feast. Everything is incredibly fresh and tasty, and the sauces are mixed just right to bring out the best flavours for your enjoyment. I know where I’m heading next time I’m craving Boston lobster! Thanks for having us.


Address: Esplanade Mall 01-13A (next to the taxi drop off point)
Nearest MRT: City Hall or Esplanade
Opening hours: 
Tuesday to Sunday: 12pm – 2.30pm (last order 2.15pm)
Sunday to Thursday: 5.30pm – 11pm (last order 9.45pm)
Friday and Saturday: 5.30pm – 12am (last order 10.45pm)
Contact: +65 6909 3435

Website/ Facebook/ Instagram


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