When in Kagawa: Apron Cafe @ Homura Art Village, Naoshima – Seasonal Menus Designed by a Certified Nutritionist Using Local Ingredients from Setouchi

Honmura Art Village, a district home to around ten art installations scattered across former residences, is one of the first pit stops for visitors to Naoshima. But that’s not the only thing this quaint neighbourhood is worth making a beeline for. Tucked away from quiet streets are several hidden cafes and eateries where you can grab a bite (or a breather) between art hopping.

It was by pure chance that I stumbled across Apron Cafe while searching for my second last stop on the Honmura art village trail. A neatly written sign on a blackboard indicated its existence around the corner from a nondescript single level building.



The first thing that comes to mind when you step into Apron Cafe is how homely it is. From the simple furniture scattered around to the affable hostess serving food and warm smiles, Apron Cafe feels far from a dining space and more like the home of an old friend.


Source: Apron Cafe Facebook

Apart from using locally sourced ingredients from the Setouchi region, Apron Cafe’s menu is designed by a certified nutritionist. So what you eat here won’t just fill your tummy, but also provide much needed nutrition!

The Seasonal Set Lunch (¥1,580) that I tried during my Autumn visit consisted of a bountiful plating of fried local Spanish mackerel with Spanish style omelette and a vast medley of fresh vegetables, including grilled pumpkin, thinly sliced daikon slices, and local vegetable salad with fig dressing. The vibrant colours on the plate got me working up an appetite, and the generous portions and fresh flavours certainly satisfied the tummy for the rest of the day!



Another thing that Apron Cafe is supposedly known for are their Happy Scones (¥350-380), which were unfortunately sold out by the time I made my way there. Let me know how they taste if you got your hands on them!

Overall, my visit to Apron Cafe was a pleasant one, and I wholeheartedly recommend a visit if you are looking for a decent lunch spot that is not too far flung from the installations in Honmura Art Village.

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Address: 〒761-3110 Kagawa Prefecture, 香川郡直島町 778
Google Maps
Opening Hours:
Monday to Wednesday: 11am – 4pm
Thursday to Sunday: 11am – 3.30pm 
+81 87-892-3048 

 Facebook/ Instagram
Menu: Regular/ Seasonal (Autumn 2018)

(information accurate as of January 2019) 


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