Two Men Bagel House @ Royal Square, Novena – New York Style Hand Rolled Bagels with Wholesome Fillings from Spam to Lamb

Sometimes you just want to break away from the seemingly endless cycle of food fads and overhyped “Instagram food” and head straight back for the classics, i.e. what works. Other times a little innovation goes a long way in re-inventing a timeless staple.

I have heard good things about  Two Men Bagel House since their early days in Tanjong Pagar, but never got around to trying them while I was working in the vicinity. With the start of the new year, though, there was no better time to venture into new food territory than when I was in Novena, where their second store is located.


Located beside the entrance to Mariott Courtyard, Two Men Bagel House is a short walk away from Novena MRT, although the journey was a tad confusing at first (woes of too many buildings in close proximity). The open concept store has a rustic New York feel to it, with customers scattered around the alfresco tables and counter seating area.

The weekend lunch crowd was going strong when I visited around 1pm, so come early to avoid disappointment (and having to stand around eating!).


The menu is divided into Breakfast and Smoked bagels, although you can also build your own. Each boasts a mouthwatering combination of proteins, cheese, greens, and sauces, along with your choice of bagel (plain, cheese, salt, or all sorts).

The Hawaiian ($10) stood out to me as a pretty unique choice, swapping the typical smoked salmon for generous slabs of spam. Along with the cheese, chutney, sunny side, siracha aioli, and hobo greens, every bite yields a savoury burst that left me wanting more.

As for the All Sorts bagel, it’s incredibly firm on the inside and slightly flaky on the top. The generous sprinklings of sesame seed added some interesting textures too.


Ajuicery’s concoctions are available at Two Men Bagel House; you can also try their photogenic and refreshing Pink Lemonade ($4). 


There aren’t many bagel specialty stores in Singapore, and I’m glad to see a brand like Two Men Bagel House rise up to the challenge of whipping up wholesome, delicious renditions of this New York staple. Can’t wait to see what new combinations they come up with next!


Address: Royal Square 01-04
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Novena 
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 8am – 4pm or sell out
Saturday and Sunday: 9am – 4pm or sell out
Public Holidays: 9am – 6pm (may be closed; check social media for updates)  
+65 6251 6601/

Website/ Facebook/ Instagram


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