Fu Xiang Signatures @ VivoCity, HarbourFront – Timeless Curry Dishes at Food Republic (Invite)

You’ve got to hand it to VivoCity’s Food Republic for replicating the food streets of old in their decor. Thankfully, Fu Xiang Signatures proves it’s not only style, but also substance with their signature heritage curry dishes, recipes which the current owners inherited from the stall’s first generation of owners.


Preserving Singapore’s hawker heritage is Fu Xiang’s menu, which consists of local favourites like Singapore Famous Curry Chicken $10 for 3 pieces, $28 for 9 pieces) which is served with traditional braised vegetables and choice of rice with omelette or bread to soak up all that spicy goodness.

Be warned, as Fu Xiang does not hold back on their curry dishes. It’s go big, or go home! Thankfully, the tender chicken meat more than makes up for the overwhelmingly spicy curry concoction, for those with particularly sensitive taste buds. And the side dishes do taste rather homely.


The Emperor Cream Chicken Sauce ($6.80) is another hot favourite, with the chicken pieces fried to perfection for your guilty pleasure.

fuxiang signatures sambal fried chicken

How many of us remember growing up on our favourite fried chicken cutlet rice? Fu Xiang reinvents another childhood favourite with the Chicken Biscuit Curry Rice ($6.80), a hearty combination of fluffy white rice with crisp fried chicken dripped in – you guessed it, delicious, spicy hot curry! A simple delight that we could not get enough of.



For its location, Fu Xiang Signatures’ dishes are pretty bang for your buck. Aside from homely curry rice dishes, classic claypots are also available for group diners, with a seafood version making its way to the menu soon! Thanks for having us.


Address: VivoCity Food Republic 
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: HarbourFront 
Opening Hours:
10am – 10pm (daily) 

Menu: 1/2



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