FlagWhite @ Jalan Jurong Kechil, Beauty World – Industrial Themed Cafe with Desserts Made In-House

The west side of Singapore has been getting its fair share of hipster cafe action recently. Taking over from Krave West, FlagWhite opened its doors on Jalan Jurong Kehchil near Beauty World MRT Station to whip up hearty cafe fare and drinks for residents nearby.


With its typical industrial interior and close proximity to public transport, FlagWhite is an ideal place for students and adults alike to get their work mode on over a cuppa. Tables fill up quickly, even on a weekday afternoon…  although you can give the outdoor wooden crate turned table a go if you’re really pressed for time.




Hot chocolates and teas are single origin, and there are also blended teas and smoothies if you need something refreshing to combat the hot weather. The Homemade Chai Latte ($6) is a pretty feisty cuppa, whose strong Chai flavour perked me up during my visit.


Among FlagWhite’s offerings of typical cafe fare is one dish that stands out – the Chicken Parmigiana ($15). The brine breaded chicken is baked with a combination of tomato concasse, sauté mushroom, and mozzarella gouda mix that adds richness to the meat. One huge improvement would be to trim the fat from the chicken meat, as it got a tad distracting to constantly remove as I ate my meal.

Drawbacks aside, this hearty serving of chicken cutlet, greens, and fries is a satisfying choice for those who are looking for something less typical in a cafe. It’s also quite reasonably priced for its portion. If you want to customise your meal further, FlagWhite also offers a Flag Your Brunch that allows you to choose every single brunch component on your plate.


Another thing that stands out about FlagWhite, are its desserts which are made in house. The Cloudy Double Cheesecake ($7) lives up to its name as a fluffy, light slice of heaven topped with a strawberry halve.



Address: 106 Jalan Jurong Kechil
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Beauty World
Opening Hours:
Monday, Wednesday to Friday: 10am – 9pm
Saturday and Sunday: 9am – 9pm
Closed on Tuesday

Facebook/ Instagram
Menu: Mains and Drinks, Cakes


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