Wild Blooms @ The Midtown Residences, Hougang – Floral Themed Cafe with 3D Flower Jelly Cakes and a Four Metre Wall Mural

Wild Blooms, the latest addition at The Midtown in Hougang, is best described as an Instagrammer’s dream gone wild. Featuring an explosion of floral decor from top to bottom, this cozily sized cafe screams feminine from the moment you step in.

From the array of dehydrated bouquets hanging from the ceiling at the ground level, to the larger-than-life, handmade wall mural, there’s nary a spot that cannot serve as a beautiful backdrop for your OOTD (outfit of the day) photos.



The star of Wild Blooms’ menu is definitely the Flower Tea Jelly Cake ($12.90) which is made by The Utopian Botanist. Each 3D flower is handmade with intricate details that are a feast for the eyes, with the jelly made from cold-brew osmanthus tea or chrysanthemum tea, depending on the season.

Like other reviews have mentioned, the jelly is a tad hard to slice into, but tastes refreshing with a hint of sweetness. Designs include roses and peonies, and each creation is a visually pleasing surprise.


The floral theme continues with Wild Blooms’ tea selection, which is extensive and carefully brewed to yield different health benefits. The Blooming Princess ($8) is a refreshingly minty brew, and it was almost therapeutic to watch the flower tea ball “bloom” slowly in the pot.

Mains and sides like Korean fried chicken and pastas are also available, making Wild Blooms somewhat of a melting pot of cuisines. Personally, I might end up grabbing a meal in the neighouring coffeeshop before heading over some after meal decadence and sweets.



Wild Blooms makes for a tranquil cafe to escape to for a quiet afternoon. Although seating is limited, the tables are decently spaced, and the decor and menu make it ideal for tea with friends in the heartlands.


Address: The Midtown 01-01
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Hougang
Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Thursday: 11am – 11pm
Friday and Saturday: 11am – 12am
Sunday: 11am – 9pm
9191 9722

Facebook/ Instagram
Menu: Food, Artisan Tea, Blooming Tea, Coffee, Sodas, and Alcohol


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