4 Pet and Lifestyle Brands Spotted @ High Five Dog Talent Competition in I12 Katong (Media)

Us pet owners do like to indulge ourselves and our fur kids from time to time, and there are just so many brands out there that we are easily spoilt for choice. Here are four pet and lifestyle brands spotted at the High Five Dog Talent Competition at I12 Katong Mall a couple of weeks ago, where we also had the pleasure of meeting Caesar Millan, Dog Whisperer up close on stage:


1. The Pet’s Couture 

Opened in 2010, The Pet’s Couture specialises in accessories tailored for dogs and cats of all sizes, from bespoke designer pet collars encrusted with Swarovski crystals, to everyday wearables to jazz up your four legged pal when out on walks.

The online boutique comprises three brands:

  • Pawglam! – designer pet collars
  • UTT x Pawglam! – a collaborative collection featuring designer pet collars
  • Peluré – everyday collars and scarves

The bowties and scarves are well made with cute, vibrant designs that add a fashionable touch. The staff at Pet’s Couture also have a good eye for matching the right pattern with your fur kid to make your new accessory stand out.


Website/ Facebook/ Instagram

2. Aroma Truffle Chips 

The self-proclaimed world’s strongest truffle chips maker offers two flavours: original and parmesan cheese. Fancy!

At $10 per packet, this is one of the higher priced premium potato chips on the market. While some may find the truffle a tad strong for their liking, I do enjoy opening each packet and getting a whiff of that intense aroma!


Website/ Facebook/ Instagram

3. Vivi Craft 

You’ve heard about essential oil candles and diffusers, but what about cute animal shaped sculptures for essential oils? Sprinkle a few drops of essential oil on the head of your little animal desk buddy and replenish once every few days to keep that soothing scent going.


4. EU Holidays 

Offering package tours from New Zealand to Switzerland, EU Holidays comprises a team of eight travel managers who can take the stress of holiday planning off your hands so you can enjoy the fun parts of your holiday: exploring new places and experiencing new cultures.


Website/ Facebook/ Instagram


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