YUN NANS @ Jewel Changi Airport – Sophisticated Southwestern Chinese Cuisine; First Overseas Outlet in Singapore (Media)

Named for the southernmost province of China, YUN NANS opened its first store in 10 years at Jewel Changi Airport last month.

Specialising in highland cuisine, the restaurant draws inspiration for its beautifully crafted dishes, from the array of unique, fresh ingredients that grow around Yunnan’s seven tropical belts. This includes wild porcini, wild black truffle, wheat pumpkin, and edible flowers – some of which are harvested by local farmers whom YUN NANS works closely with to promote employment.


Stepping into YUN NAN’S flagship outlet, it feels as though you are entering a modern landscape fitted with delicate flora. There is an intimate vibe around the tables, even though they are situated in a rather compact manner in this 78-seater restaurant. A private room for 10 is also available, with a heavy curtain separating your party from the other diners!


The signature dish at YUN NANS is the Steam Pot Chicken Soup ($23.90), a homely concoction that uses only a special breed of black feet chicken. Brewed using a pressure-steam method for three hours, this amazingly flavourful broth does not require a single drop of water. Yet, the soup is clear, delicate, and does not contain any hint of greasiness.


The chicken is then served separately with sauce and beansprouts, so you essentially get two dishes for the price of one! Quite reasonable if you ask me. And the tender chicken meat is saturated with flavour, thanks to the pressure steaming.



The Tossed Rice Noodles with Shredded Chicken ($12.90) is one colourful appetiser that will get diners excited as soon as it arrives at the table. This eye-catching dish consists of seven ingredients reminiscent of colourful Yunnan, including collybia albuminosa mushroom, chives, carrots, purple cabbage, and egg. The noodles are made using only spring water and rice, and is manufactured in Yunnan using a unique 18-step technique. This laborious attention of detail culminates in an artfully plated appetiser that looks and tastes good, with the noodles yielding a springy bite.


Pour in the peanut and sesame sauce, and what you get is a dish that is both tangy and refreshing.



Another appetiser that is highly recommended is the Spicy and Sour Egg Salad ($9.90). This is where Yunnans’ proximity to the Thai region shows most prominently. A traditional dish of the Dai minority, this feisty dish is flavoured with Yunnan wild coriander, laksa leaf, and chilli, with the sweetness of the mango tempering the sour and spicy notes.


Marinated with six types of spices, namely lemongrass, chives, Yunan wild coriander, and chilli padi, the Grilled Seabass with Lemongrass ($22.90) is a generously portioned dish that is ideal for seafood lovers. Grilled over charcoal and sprinkled generously with YUN NANS’ inhouse chilli seasoning mix, the fish yields a smoky taste peppered with spicy and sour notes. Best to tuck into this dish as soon as it arrives, so you can enjoy the fluffy seabass flesh while it’s piping hot!


The highlight of our meal is the Poached Pork Collar with Pickled Chilli ($16.90). Thinly sliced, the pork collar is incredibly tender and flavourful, and the rich broth is something I can’t get enough of!


Another dish that was snapped up pretty quickly, the Stir Fried Wild Porcini Mushroom with Dried Chillis ($24.90) features wild porcini mushrooms that grow 2000-3000cm above sea level. Flash fried with Yunnan dried chillis and solo garlic, the mushrooms yield a crunchy texture similar to potato chips. We absolutely loved every single bite of this signature dish!


Last but not least, the Truffle Rice Noodles in Prawn Broth ($13.90) is a Jewel exclusive dish inspired by our rich, local cuisine. Featuring fresh Vannamei prawns and plump tiger prawns simmered for at least an hour and a half, this flavourful rendition of Singapore’s prawn noodles also contains indulgent bits of shaved black truffle. The 100% all natural noodles are a delight to slurp up, and for its price, it’s a pretty indulgent dish for noodle lovers!


Ending off our meal is the Beancurd Pudding with Brown Sugar ($4.90), a simple dessert that thoroughly satisfied our tastebuds after all those rich flavours.



Simple and comforting, YUN NANS’ food has left me with a good impression, and it’s not hard to see why the queues are already forming at their flagship store at Jewel Changi Airport. Hope to see more interpretations of our favourite local dishes on their menu! Thanks for having us.


Address: Jewel Changi Airport 02-217
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Changi Airport
Opening hours: 10am – 10pm



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