Godzilla: King of the Monsters Themed Curry Rice @ Monster Curry (18 May – 15 July 2019) – Win a Trip for Two to Japan (Media)

You’ve probably heard of a Godzilla Hotel in Tokyo, Japan, where you can sleep amongst the menacing claws of Godzilla himself. But what about ingesting the icon of the dai kaiju film genre at Monster Curry?


From 18 May to 15 July 2019, Monster Curry will be teaming up with TOHO Group to serve some exclusive monster themed, umami laden demi-glace curry, to promote the upcoming Godzilla: King of the Monsters movie!

With a formidable battle with not one, but three monsters looming ahead, it’s no wonder Godzilla has worked up an appetite. Luckily, you can enjoy some substantial creations featuring Monster Curry’s propriety blend of 14 vegetables and spices and more!

Both Godzilla themed curry rice dishes feature fluffy Japanese rice shaped like the creature’s silhouette. Fun fact: the number of heart shaped rings indicates the level of spiciness from 0 to 5, and they are made usingMonster Curry’s fiery chilli sauce!

The Godzilla Katsu Curry ($14.80++) is ideal for one. Presented in a 34cm diameter plate with Japanese demi-glace curry, it is topped with pork katsu and two pieces of takoyaki, the latter of which is a subtle nod to the monster’s aquatic origins.


A greater variety of toppings can be found in the Godzilla Combo Curry ($28.80++). Made for two to share (or even just one very ravenous Godzilla or diner; we’re not judging), this massive smorgasbord of rice, curry, and signature meats is enough to get you raring for the ultimate showdown between Godzilla and his enemies on the silver screen.

While the breaded pork katsu and premium beef steak tasted a tad dry, the crispy fried shrimp and tori karaage were lip smacking good. A worthy feast of Godzilla himself!


Spice level too high for you? The Godzilla Shiquasa Fizz ($7.20) is here to save the day! Made with shiquasa lime specially grown in Okinawa, this refreshing concoction boasts a citrusy, tangy flavour with a hint of sweetness from the cherry soda. It’s also served with a Godzilla straw prop, so the young ones can pretend they are formidable sea monster while quenching their thirst!


Most diners at Monster Curry are too full after the main course – which is a pity, really, considering their delectable range of sweets.

The Godzilla Volcano Honey Toast ($12.80++) is another themed creation that features large cubes of crispy bread slathered with honey and butter, and topped with mixed berry sauce, fresh berries, and a scoop of Häagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream. Look out for Godzilla as he perches over this decadent dessert in the form of a dark chocolate topper!

The bread cubes are one of the crispiest I’ve had, and even yielded a crunch or two. I would have preferred if they were a little more fluffy, although they went well with the ice cream and berries.


Aside from food and drinks, Monster Curry is also selling exclusively designed merchandise featuring Godzilla in various incarnations. These include T-shirts ($23 – $35),  keychains ($4.50), coasters ($6 for 4 designs), and Monster Curry plates ($58).

And that’s not all. Every order of Godzilla Katsu Curry or Godzilla Combo, grants you a pack a three custom designed menko cards portraying the evolution of Godzilla in the movies, from 1954 to 2019’s upcoming Hollywood incarnation. Be the first to collect all 29 designs, and win a trip for two to Japan and a stay at the Godzilla Hotel!  

Diners will also receive a Monster Curry Godzilla Stamp Rally Card, which can be used to redeem exclusive Godzilla themed merchandise. And just in case that’s not enough Godzilla for you, you can catch him making his way around Monster Curry in a meet-and-greet session at these six outlets!


Novena Square’s playing host to the very costume that was used in the original Godzilla movies.

Outlets and contact
Opening Hours:
11am – 10pm daily   



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