Enjoy Eating House and Bar @ Kam Leng Hotel, Jalan Besar – Tasteful Asian Food in a Rustic Environment (Media)

Jalan Besar sure is full of quaint eateries, cafes, and watering holes, and Enjoy Eating House and Bar at Kam Leng Hotel is the latest addition to this vibrant hood.

Opened by Chef Joel who left school at the tender age of 20 to pursue his culinary ambitions, Enjoy Eating House and Bar embodies his return to his Singaporean roots.


Enjoy Eating House occupies a rather quirky-shaped area of the ground level at Kam Leng Hotel. Though cramped, this does not deter a steady stream of regulars looking for a wholesome meal with colleagues, or a pint to enjoy live sports screenings.


The menu features a mish mash of Chinese and Thai dishes, the latter no doubt taking inspiration from the now defunct Rochor Thai, which Chef Joel used to head. The Shiok Prawn Patties ($9.80++) are hand-made, lightly breaded, and a great dish to kick off your meal with. These are made in limited quantities daily, so be sure to get your hands on them.


Chef Joel’s BBQ Pork Cheek ($14.80++) features smoky, succulent cuts of pork cheek that are perfectly charred with a special sauce. Best to consume this quickly so you can fully enjoy the flavours of this artfully plated dish.


The Ugly Cabbage in Fish Sauce ($9.80++) defies expectations. This unassuming dish of fresh cabbage leaves is cooked to perfection, and scattered generously with garlic to give you that undeniably addictive wok hei flavour. Each bite packs a powerful umami punch, and the sauce goes well with rice.


It’s not just about fried or braised food at Enjoy Eating House, though. Chef Joel’s Brandy White Fish Soup ($11.80++) is a comforting concoction of collagen-rich fish soup that requires hours of preparation. And good news for the lactose intolerant  – no milk is added to the broth!


Chef Joel’s main course dishes are substantial in serving, and evoke fond memories of our favourite childhood dishes. The vermicelli in Grandma’s “Te Kah” Bee Hoon” ($11.80++) is light and flavourful, and the braised pork leg juicy and tender. I can see myself slurping up a whole serving by myself on a rainy day!


The Silky Egg Crispy Hor Fun ($11.80++) presents an innovative spin on the classic hor fun dish. Each strand of wide rice noodle is fried and added to the silky egg sauce, so you can enjoy each crispy bite of the fried hor fun! The prawns, pork and shittake mushrooms are equally well cooked.


Chef Joel’s Chinese culinary influences continue with dessert, which includes delicious Teochew “Orh Ni” ($5.80++) and Chendol Panna Cotta ($6.80)++. 


Overall, each dish at Enjoy Eating House and Bar is done well, with keen attention paid to the finest of details. Drop by for a combination of Chinese and Thai flavours!


Address: Kam Leng Hotel, 383 Jalan Besar Road, Singapore 209001
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Jalan Besar (DT 22) 
Opening Hours:
11am – 1am daily
+65 9299 1601/ enjoy@modasflame.com.sg

Website/ Facebook/ Instagram
Menu: Lunch, Ala Carte, Drinks and Bar Bites


One thought on “Enjoy Eating House and Bar @ Kam Leng Hotel, Jalan Besar – Tasteful Asian Food in a Rustic Environment (Media)

  1. Jenny says:

    Terrible Service at Enjoy Eating House and Bar at 383 Jalan Basar. We ordered our food once we sit in and the staff told us that there is only 90 min eating time allowed for each table since they need to have a second round of business. I told them the food have to be served fast if they want us to release the table within 90 min. Then the staff blame us for ordering so late and therefore long waiting time for food. When the noodles was ready and I ask the staff to serve it in 05 bowls and the staff insisted that they don’t help to serve but they will still charging us the 10% service charges. And one of the staff never wear his mask when he was working in the restaurant. I hope no one will go there to eat in future.

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